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All About Unisan Pumps

March 1, 2017

If you are looking for a fully automated waste water pump, then you can’t go past a Unisan. Unisan pumps are a great option when you have areas that are below the sewer level. Unisan pumps are designed to dispose not only waste water but also solids that can pass through a normal plumbing trap. They come in both domestic and commercial applications and are suitable for pumping waste water from dishwashers and washing machines, air conditioning units or where smaller than usual discharge pipes are in place. Unisan pumps are NOT a waste disposal unit and Unisan pumps are not suitable for pumping raw sewage from a toilet.

So how do they work? The Unisan pump has a collection tank and this collects gravity fed waste water. Each tank has a set water level and when this is reached, the level switch inside the collection tank automatically activates the pump. The pump creates pressure to deliver the waste water out through a 25 mm internal diameter pipe. The waste water is usually discharged into a gulley trap or soil stack. Because Unisan pumps operate with very small pipe sizing and high pump pressure, the waste can be disposed of in any direction:  through walls, through ceiling spaces, under floors, around, under and over obstacles.

What makes a Unisan pump a good choice for your purpose? If you are needing a waste water pump for a difficult situation you will find the Unisan is suitable. When the Unisan was being developed it was made specifically for situations where gravity fall is non existent, to be installed below the sewer line, where there is a concrete wall or floor and so there are physical restrictions to installing a pump in a recommended position. where large diameter 80 – 100 mm gravity lines are not appropriate for the location. Besides other situations where Unisan pumps work wonderfully they also run very quietly however their power and automation have not been compromised. They are a completely self-contained unit  with easy installation and servicing.

If you are looking for technical information, then Unisan pumps have a motor output of 6kW. They hold 25 litres of waste water with a continuous temperature. The delivery connection is set at 25mm however; you can use a 25mm or 32mm delivery pipe. They have a male voltage of 50Hz and run on 230-240 (V). The overall dimensions of a Unisan pump is 485(L) x 280(W) x 400(H) and they weigh 12kg.

Unisan pumps are a great investment as they can be configured to multiple situations. They come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and they have a number of optional extra’s that you can have included at installation. Among some of the options Unisan provide are:

  • Can pump to a 16m head with a High Head Impeller
  • Cold water injection for high temperature applications
  • Audible alarm featuring phase interruption switching off auto discharging machines
  • Solenoid valve to isolate water supply to plumbing fixtures draining to the pump
  • Carbon filter for internal venting

Depending on your local Council you may require a permit for installation. There may also be extra installation requirements depending on your local regulations. We, at Euro Plumbing, will check this out for you and advise you before installation.

If you are looking for a waste water pump that is designed and built to last in New Zealand for New Zealand, then the Unisan is for you.

As plumbers in Auckland, we can install the Unison pump for you. Give us a call today to discuss your installation and get it sorted now!

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