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Solar Service Before Winter

March 10, 2022

Winter is approaching fast, meaning an increase to heating usage putting strain on your solar heating system. Thousands of Aucklanders rely on solar heating to heat their water, but few keep theirs maintained.

Unlike a hot water cylinder, which is easy to replace if broken, solar heating is not. As solar heating systems are exactly that, a system, they can be hard to repair or replace. There are many points of failure, all of which must be tested.

Running out of hot water is frustrating, but at least in summer a cold shower can be tolerated. What happens if your solar heating system breaks in the winter? That’s why we are pushing for homeowners to service their solar heating system now.

Booking a full solar heating system service through Euro Plumbing includes:

  • A Full visual inspection of Cylinder, valves, pipework and panels
  • Cleaning of solar panels (disconnection of downpipes if tanked water supply)
  • Testing of valves and controls
  • Testing of pumps and heat exchanger
  • Testing of expansion tank and re-pressurising as required.
  • Replacing glycol and re-pressurising as required

On the new Euro Plumbing website it is now easier than ever to get a price and book a service. Simply add the service to your cart and checkout. One of our expert technicians will then get in contact to sort out the details.

Once we’re done we can set up routine inspections and services of your solar heating system. Every few years we will give you a ring and technicians will show up with no fuss.

Get prepped for winter with Euro Plumbing. Call 0800 832 638 or Contact us online.

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