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Shoddy gasfitting

June 16, 2015

We have seen a 100 times! Property owner decides to go with the cheapest quote, installation is done wrong and in the end Euro Plumbing is called to save the day!

external_gasfitting_pipeIn this instance the gas pipe was to supply over 350 Mega-joules to an instant hot water heater and commercial kitchen.  With over 50 meters this pipe was clearly undersized and not protected against UV. The installation basically does not comply.

GasfittingIn this image to the left the gasfitter installed the only available shutoff valve in a location it CANNOT shut off. Additionally no protection has been made available for any gas pipe penetrating through walls. Holes were made three times larger than the size of the pipe and left open which is also a breach of the building code. Where pipe passes through a cavity wall, it shall be sleeved and sealed to prevent any leaking gas migrating between building spaces and to avoid imposition of loads on the piping system. In New Zealand the gasfitting industry is self certifying meaning the consumer must reply on the fact that someone qualified know what they are doing. IN this case though, this is very questionable. To sum it up, I would say this is a very shoddy commercial gasftting job!

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