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Water Mains

Watermains and potable water supply, what is the cost to install, replace and/or repair?

Want to know why water mains leak? READ HERE

A public water supply system is provided by a network utility operator (in Auckland this is usually Watercare) which undertakes to distribute a water supply which:

  • Is potable (fit for human consumption)
  • Has adequate pressure

The network utility operator is responsible for installation (though not necessarily the cost) of the property service including:

  • Connection to the operators water main
  • The branch supply pipe to a private property
  • A shutoff valve at the boundary
  • A dual-check valve (containment) in some areas
  • Provision of a water meter – in most, but not all area

The building/land owner is responsible for the provision of water service pipework, from the point of connection to the main, within the boundary of the property.


If you think you have a water main leak it’s best to check on which side of your water meter the leak is occurring. If the leak is coming on the utility providers side BEFORE the water meter, in Auckland its best to give Watercare a ring on (09) 442 2222. In most cases leaks are fixed on the same day at no charge. (Watercare also replace faulty meters and gate-valves that are designed to shut off the main water supply to your property.

If the leak is within the boundary AFTER the water meter, then it becomes the home owners responsibility. Depending on how bad the leak is its best to immediately isolate the water-main supply by turning the gate valve clockwise inside your water meter box. If you can’t find the watermeter box, again give Watercare a call and they will lead you to it over the phone.

Once the main water supply is switched off its best to give your local plumber a ring on 0800 TEAM EURO, our assessment and recommendation is at no charge to you!

If you need to replace your water-main please consider the following:

Every sanitary fixture must be connected to the water supply by a pipe which provides an adequate flow rate of not less than that shown in the table below.


The methods of calculating adequate water main pipe size take into consideration:

  • Available water pressure – expressed in meters/head or KPA
  • Loss of water pressure contributed by the developed pipe length, bends and diameter (friction)
  • The acceptable flow rate at the fixture outlet
  • Water mains should be adequately sized to ensure that the speed of the water (velocity) travelling in the pipe does not exceed 3.0 m/s

When you get quotes for replacing your water main whether it’s damaged or brand new, make sure you are comparing apples with apples, to many cowboys cut too many corners these days. To the right you can view the correct way of installing a water main under different circumstances.

Methods of replacing and/or repairing your watermain pipe.

Replacing a watermain can sometimes be very tricky. Terrain and ground dependent the method to install water main can change from job to the other, here some are some challenges with the accommodating solutions:


Directional Drilling / Thrusting

If your watermain needs to be installed in an area subject to concrete It can get very expensive to cut/reinstate the affected route. Directional drilling makes it easy. A hole is drilled from one side to the other underground below the concrete area and any services. Once complete the new watermain can be pulled through to its new location from the water meter box. Directional drilling can be used for almost any bore pipe, whether water, gas or sewer from 15mm to 250mm pipe and up to 200 meters in length. To get a quote just click our on our installation calculator, email or call us on 0800 TEAM EURO.


Installation via excavation, residential and commercial

If excavation is not a problem then it’s the most economical way forward. Whether we need a machine or a simple hand dig Euro Plumbing have the tools and the manpower to install any size watermain. Euro Plumbing technicians are very reliable when it comes to installation requirements. No corners are cut ensuring you get the best possible outcome for your hard earned dollar.

For more information on alternative water main installation methods and watermain leak detection, please call 0800 TEAM EURO or email us on watermain@europlumbing.co.nz.

watermain_underground_installation watermain_under_concrete_slab watermain_and_gas_pipe_section_plan watermain_under_compacted_fill watermain_in_meter_box

Over and under wetback systems are different and require unique pipe and valve configuration. Euro Plumbing offer specialist advise and design, obligation free quotes are also available. Please call us on 0800 TEAM EURO for more information.

replacing_a_water_main water_meter_install watermain_leak

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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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