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Hydronic Heat Pumps

Euro Plumbing can assist with the design and installation of:


  • Residential, school, Commercial swimming pool heat pumps
  • Residential, commercial underfloor heating heat pumps
  • Residential, commercial spa pool heat pumps
  • Domestic hot water heat pumps
  • Water to chillers and heaters
  • Combination heat pump with various primary heat sources such as solar and wetback technology

How Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump works like your reverse fridge and uses electricity to operate. The free heat is extracted from the ambient air (up to 300% efficient), upgraded with a compressor, and then pumped to the water. Therefore, it is very cost effective to heat the required domestic, underfloor-heating or swimming pool water needed. Even in the colder months of the year, as the electrical input is not to generate heat but just to move the free heat to the water, no matter what the weather condition is like! Due to high efficiency, heat pumps have a low cost of operation comparing to gas, diesel and electrical element heaters.

Euro Plumbing have selected the best heat pumps to accommodate you with your requirements. The below quotes include scope of plumbing work, each system can be expended and combined into existing systems as a retrofit. Please speak to our team at 0800 TEAM EURO for more information on alternative heat pump solutions.


Take The Heat Out Of Your Water Bill NOW! 66% Minimum Of Your Hot Water Bill GUARANTEED!

PRICE: $ 4999 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Don’t delay. Every rise in energy costs is a further saving for you. Cut at least 66% off your water heating bill now by installing an Econergy water heater. Econergy units can be easily connected to existing electric hot water cylinders and are generally installed outside and connected via insulated water pipes. Included is:

  • Supply and installation of 1 Econergy HP 4000LT
  • Retrofitted to existing Hot water system with provisions
  • All involved labour and materials
Conditions* Distance between HP and HWC shall not exceed 10meters (one way), electrical services not included. Please note that sometimes your Hot water cylinder might not be suitable, our technician will advise you on this prior to work begin at no charge.

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Heat Pump Hot water Cylinder For Your Home. Replace Leaking Or Upgrade To Mains Pressure

PRICE: $ 5500.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Included is:

  • Upgrading your low pressure hot water cylinder to mains pressure (or replacing an existing mains pressure)
  • All mains pressure valves and involved materials
  • Ensuring the new pressure is adjusted to existing tap ware
  • Producer statements and warranties
  • Electrical services
Conditions* The new heat pump hot water cylinder is to remain in the same location as the cylinder that is to be replaced. Access under the area the cylinder is to be installed must be available. Existing plumbing and electrical services must comply to current NZBC standards.

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Heat Pumps For Underfloor-Heating And Swimming Pools

Euro Plumbing can offer specialist heat pump advise, design and installation for most hot water demands. Please speak to our technical team at 0800 TEAM EURO for more information on alternative heat pump solutions for space, domestic and swimming pool applications. Some indicative pricing for Underfloor and swimming pool applications based on KW output

  • 4.2 KW > $ 5544 + GST
  • 6.6 KW > $ 6552 + GST
  • 10.2 KW $ 7700 + GST
  • 18 KW $ 12500 + GST
For a larger price list and technical specification please contact us on 0800 TEAM EURO

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I want to claim my $ 50!
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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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