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Relocate your Gas hob 9KG LPG bottle.

July 9, 2014

9KG LPG gas bottles.

We get a lot of people asking if their gas bottle is OK in their kitchen, to run their gas hob and/or oven. The answer is essentially no.

The only time it is allowed is if it is in a sealed cupboard vented to the outside. I’ve not come across one like this yet. LPG can be a very dangerous gas and needs to be given the respect it deserves. Due to its makeup, it is a very heavy gas which likes to hang around and does not easily disperse (acts like water). This is why they should always be installed outside where there is plenty of air movement around the bottle that will push away any gas that might be leaking away from it.

When deciding where to install your 9KG gas bottle you should be 1m away from vents in walls, doors, drains and windows, and you should also put the bottle on a paving slab to keep it off the ground. Installing under a house is also not allowed. Current legislation means that you do not need a gas certificate for any LPG installation under 15KG.

A common fault with 9KG regulators is they can stick, due to them being outside and exposed to the elements. This is normally shows itself by a low flame on your gas appliance and if you try and light more than one hob the flame will go out.

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