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Thermostatic Radiator Valve Replacement

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The best comfort control and economy is achieved when each radiator is equipped with a thermostatic radiator valve so that each radiator can be controlled according to room requirements.Lockschield radiator valve repair / replacementold_style_radiator

To ensure an even distribution of the hot water to the radiators in a hot water heating system, the system must be balanced.Because the water is pumped via a pipe and branches to feed each radiator, the ones at the beginning of the “run” tend to get more than their fair share of heat. The way to do this is by using the lock shield valve on each radiator to regulate the flow of water to the radiator. By partial closing off these valves, the radiators nearest the pump can be restricted more than those further away. The Lockschield valve is normally fitted as the connection from the radiator to the return line.


If a radiator system is not regularly serviced Lockschield valves could rust and possibly block causing an unbalance within the system resulting in very inefficient heating and in some cases damage. If your Lockschield valves need to be replaced or serviced, please book our Radiator Central Heating Service.

Please note that in most cases your system must be drained to enable the replacement of these valves. Depending on system size additional costs may apply. Our maintenance special does not include any materials or repairs outside the scope of the service, our technicians will advise prior to commencing any works.

Common Radiator Piping Systems and layouts One Pipe systems and Two pipe systems

One pipe systemsone_pipe_radiator_system

One pipe ring main systems are most suitable for a single-storey building. The main flow pipe can be carried overhead with the return pipe at floor level, or both flow and return can be below the floor. An alternative is to run below the radiators or convectors and above the floor, thus utilising the surface areas of the pipes as an additional heating surface. Although they require less pipework and reduce installation costs, these systems have the following disadvantage compared with the two-pipe systems.


The water cools as it passes through each radiator. This results in the radiators at the end of the system being supplied with cooler water than those at the beginning of the circuit. This can be balanced by partially closing the lock shield valves at the beginning of the circuit. The radiators are heated are heated by natural convection owing to the difference in density between the flow and return pipe. The pump forces water around the main pipe but not though the radiators.

radiator_in_remueraIn some systems the flow and return pipes protrude in the water of the flow pipe and the ends of the riser pipes are cut on an angle to create a pressure differential which will help to force the hot water up to the radiator and also assist the return from the radiator to the main pipe.The diagram to the right shows a forced closed system. Shown are a boiler, a circulating pump, an expansion tank, supply (flow) pipes, return pipes and radiators. This system shows two heating zones. Technically it can be described as a “single pipe forced circulation closed system”
Two Pipe Systemstwo_pipe_radiator_systemThe two pipe system utilises more than the one pipe series loop, but all radiators and baseboards receive the same temperature of water. It gives an even heat to all radiators and/or baseboards unlike the one pipe series system. Another advantage of two-pipe direct return over the one-pipe series is that is can be zoned. Zoning gives more control over where and when the heat is required and this can save money on the cost of heating. As with many systems the two-pipe direct return needs balancing valves.

Euro Plumbing specialise in one and two pipe systems, inlcluding commercial applications. On request Euro Plumbing can also assist with council consent applications and radiator system design.

DOWNLOAD SYSTEM DESIGN EXAMPLE HEREFor design applications or system sizing please call us on 0800 TEAM EURO or email us on heating@europlumbing.co.nz

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