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Pricing Auckland Gasfitting Works

April 6, 2018
As a gasfitter pricing certain works can be a challenge. If the price is too high we dont win work and if the price is too low, losses can run high very quickly.Before any job can be priced, a few things need to be taken into consideration.

  • The number of working hours it will take to complete the gas job.
  • Materials needed to complete the gas job.

We can only estimate the time it will take to do a job by using our personal experience of that particular work and by knowing the work capabilities of our staff. Tendering is usually competitive, so there is no room for guessing or getting it wrong. Euro keep a diary and timesheet of 1000’s of job which enables us to create accurate averages on all types of Gasfitting works. This includes residential Gasfitting and commercial Gasfitting.

Factors that could affect the price:

    1. Repetitive work where problems have been mastered and the work has become simpler and quicker.
    2. The quality required, for example, if the finish needs to be of a particular high standard knowing it will take longer.
  1. Detailed work, which needs more planning.
  2. Difficult work conditions, such as a windy site, elevated or difficult access, lack of natural light or restricted hours of work.

Euro Plumbing have extensive experience in all types of Gasfitting.

This includes:

Gasfitting Boats
Gasfitting Caravans
-Gas hot water solutions
-Industrial gasfitting

Regardless of how small or large your job is, if it involves gas (LPG or Natural gas) give Euro Plumbing and Gasfitting a ring to get the right price first time. No guessing and experienced gasfitters which will take away painful educational expenses. Regardless of who you employ, always make sure you do your due diligence to avoid employing a Gasfitting cowboy as recently seen in Auckland.

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