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Gas Central Heating Prices and Installation

Kiwis have traditionally followed the practice of single room heating, but it actually isn’t as efficient or as comfortable as central heating. New Zealand has a very wet climate and experiences a huge drop in temperature overnight, so it’s important to have a system that maintains the heat inside the home. A gas central heating […]


Hydronic Heating: Simple and Efficient Central Heating Solution

Hydronic heating, or water-based heating, is the world’s most efficient central heating system. It’s common in European households but less so among Kiwis because it’s typically more expensive to install than other heating systems. How hydronic heating works Traditional heaters such as woodburners, electric heaters or heat pumps have one major flaw: they only heat […]


Need a Plumber? Here’s How To Choose A Good Plumbing Company

Every homeowner runs into plumbing issues at some point in time. It’s tempting to get the job done by yourself, but calling a professional plumber is always the safest and most cost effective way. Plumbing works go beyond simple sink and toilet repairs. They can get complicated like when pipes freeze or when your boiler’s […]


Pricing Auckland Gasfitting Works

As a gasfitter pricing certain works can be a challenge. If the price is too high we dont win work and if the price is too low, losses can run high very quickly.Before any job can be priced, a few things need to be taken into consideration. The number of working hours it will take […]


Plumbing the Auckland Eastern and Isthmus Suburbs

NO CALL OUT CHARGE BETWEEN THE 15th FEBRUARY and 15th MARCH*. Euro Plumbing is all about service and client satisfaction! Our HQ is based right in the middle of Auckland’s Eastern suburbs and as such we want to offer local residents special rates for the upcoming few weeks! Eastern suburbs include: You can click each suburb to […]


Installation Of A Smeg Gas Hob

This is a recent gas installation we did for a returning customer of ours. Previously we had installed a Rheem 27 LPG unit for him, and now he wished to upgrade to a Smeg gas hob with the installation of his new kitchen. The customer supplied the Smeg 90cm wide cooker to be installed. These […]


24 Hour Emergency Plumbers

You may have found yourself with a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night and know the stress that this can cause. What do you do if you wake up in the night to find a pipe leaking or an overflowing toilet? Plumbing emergencies can be a very stressful situation, especially if  you have […]


Food Disposal Unit Reviews

Food disposal units can be handy to have in the kitchen sink. If you are sick of your sink clogging with vegetable scraps every time you wash the dishes or peel a carrot or potato, one of these units could be your solution. What should you look for in a food disposal unit? One of […]


Unlicensed Tradesmen Are Causing Problems In Auckland Building Boom

Lately there has been an influx of a new type of tradesman in Auckland – Fix it men. Who are these guys? They are not your typical handy men. Rather, they are tradesmen who specialise in fixing the mistakes and errors of others, namely cowboys, who were hired to do a job and screwed it […]


Why You Should Never Hire A Cowboy

An interesting article was recently published on the Herald entitled “Top reasons never to hire a cowboy”. This is a very interesting article which directly talks about the plumbing industry and is something everyone should read. This article covers the topic of why you should always hire a registered plumber and covers many key areas […]


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