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Euro Plumbing Blog

Your Complete Guide to Commercial Underfloor Heating

Over the years, the popularity of commercial underfloor heating has reached new heights. More and more companies have been recently investing in state-of-the-art underfloor heating systems as a way to conserve energy, boost productivity of workers and promote comfort and safety. If you’re also considering to install commercial underfloor heating, below are some key things […]


Looking for Pipe Freezing Services? Freezing Instead of Draining!

If you are looking at doing a leak repair without having to shut down all the plumbing. turn off or drain the main water supply (water meter) you have come to the right place! Simple, fast freezing of unemptied pipes with a carbon dioxide coolant. For repair, extensions of piping systems etc. Euro Plumbing now […]


Why It’s Important To Choose A Good Shower Mixer

In the video below, you will start to appreciate the importance of a good shower mixer. There are many different types of shower mixers to choose from.  You can import them yourself or just walk down the road to your local Bunnings and purchase one. Does it matter which shower mixer you chose? Is quality […]


Installing Solar in Auckland

Introduction Water plays such a vital role in keeping our society functioning on a day-to-day basis. Water also gives us plenty of nutrients to help our body function and become healthier versions of ourselves. We use water to clean our households. We use it in washing the dishes, wiping the windows, mopping the floors, washing […]


Why You Need to Protect Yourself by Hiring a Professional Plumber

Sometimes, when we’re experiencing plumbing-related problems, we think, “I can do this myself!” or “I can ask my uncle to do it.” However, this line of thinking can cause a whole lot of plumbing problems, not to mention become a costly debacle. Why You Need a Licensed Plumber There are many obvious reasons why you […]


Is Your Watermain Leaking? This Is Likely Why…

  We have lots of great blogs about water main leaks with great information. I have posted a few at the bottom of this blog for your convenience. This blog in particular will discuss the main causes of watermain leaks and remedies, which will depend on your personal circumstances. PIPE MATERIAL AND INSTALLATION METHIODS Depending […]


Auckland Central Heating Specialists

The basic concept of central heating is quite simple – you need to install a boiler or an easy-to-control furnace that’s fueled by gas. Install your boiler in a handy place like your kitchen or bathroom. This uses water that moves by an electrically powered pump and carries heat into radiators in all your other […]


How Do I Know When My LPG Bottles Are Empty?

Introduction LPG Bottles are tricky. You never know whether your LPG bottle is full or empty by simply shaking it. Keeping your LPG Bottle filled is important. That’s why you need to check it so you can replace it and avoid accidents or fires in the future. There are many ways of checking whether it […]


Manage Your Surface Water Professionally

Surface Water is defined as water on the surface of continents – rivers, lakes, or wetlands. You need to manage surface water. To do this effectively, you will need to create a surface water management plan. What Is a Surface Water Management Plan? A surface water management plan is a project created to investigate local […]


How Much Do Water Main Leak Repairs Cost?

Any pipe that goes beyond the water meter is the homeowner’s responsibility. So if you have a split, corroded or damaged water main pipe, you will have to shoulder all costs to fix it. That’s not to mention that you have to pay for the water lost through the leaking pipe, as any water flowing […]


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