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Need a Plumber? Here’s How To Choose A Good Plumbing Company

May 17, 2018

Every homeowner runs into plumbing issues at some point in time. It’s tempting to get the job done by yourself, but calling a professional plumber is always the safest and most cost effective way.

Plumbing works go beyond simple sink and toilet repairs. They can get complicated like when pipes freeze or when your boiler’s sprung a leak, so you need someone that can fix the issue correctly and prevent plumbing failures in the future. But more than fixing the issue, you want someone trustworthy and qualified to do the job.

With the well-documented shortage in skilled professionals, the market has become vulnerable to scrupulous people who prey on unknowing customers. The last thing you want is to be charged over the odds for a small repair or deal with the mess of a half-finished job. So how do you come by a reliable plumber without falling victim to false advertising? Follow these steps to figure out who to call in times of trouble:

Inspect their certification and licensing

Are they a certified plumbing company? Do they have valid licence to operate? First and foremost, you want to make sure they are operating legally and their workers have sufficient training and experience.

Additionally, check if they are master plumbers. While journeyman plumbers are also experienced and licensed professionals, master plumbers possess extensive knowledge of state regulation and building codes, in addition to advance plumbing skills.

Check their depth of experience

Plumbers who have been in business for a good amount of years tend to have the right expertise and manpower to handle many plumbing situations. Plus, they have enough industry experience to offer warranties and ensure great customer service – something you don’t usually get from new contractors.

Seasoned plumbers will have handled various kinds and scales of plumbing work in the past, and will be able to recommend durable fixtures as well.

Check their insurance level

Insurance is crucial for every plumbing project. Don’t hesitate to enquire whether or not a potential plumber has liability insurance, bond and worker’s compensation included in their contract. Having these means you won’t face unexpected costs should any damage to your property result from their work.

Check their references and customer reviews

As another layer of protection for you and your home, be sure to read reviews from previous customers and follow up on their references. Any reputable plumber should be able to provide these as an affirmation of their expertise and quality.

When checking the reviews, pay attention to what people are saying about their work ethics, time management, customer service and overall quality. It only takes a few minutes of your time, but the benefit of doing so is worth it especially if you are having a relatively big project done.

If you are looking for a plumbing company in Auckland, you can trust Euro Plumbing to do the job. We are a team of established master plumbers equipped with the latest technology and up-to-date with environmentally sound building practices. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. In fact, we offer a free no-obligation quote and guarantee our work. Call us today!

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