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Looking for Pipe Freezing Services? Freezing Instead of Draining!

June 22, 2020

If you are looking at doing a leak repair without having to shut down all the plumbing. turn off or drain the main water supply (water meter) you have come to the right place!

Simple, fast freezing of unemptied pipes with a carbon dioxide coolant. For repair, extensions of piping systems etc.

Euro Plumbing now offer pipe freezing services on a fixed hourly rate for commercial and residential Applications.

Commercial Applications

Examples of commercial applications would include buildings or health facilities that cannot afford to have the water turned off. This includes:

  • Hospital buildings
  • Multi Story buildings
  • Office and Apartment buildings
  • Underground car parks

If you identify a lead that needs to be repaired, freezing sections of the pipe to stop the flow of water will enable the plumber to remove that section or work on it without having to worry about the flow of pressure of the existing pipework.

Pipe Freezing Services

Residential Applications

Often we don’t even notice that the main water meter valve may not be operating correctly until we need to use it. When a leak occurs that needs to be sorted quickly and you are not able to isolate the water, the best option to deal with the leak is to freeze the pipe and enable the repair. What may also often happen is that we may not know where to isolate the water, in such instances, pipe freezing is a good option.

Once the repair is complete, you can arrange for your mains water supplier to find, replace or repair your main source of isolation.


How it works

A super-fast refrigerant feeds which has a high cooling capacity will freeze a 20mm pipe within 5 minutes.  A Carbon dioxide coolant with high cooling performance up to –79°C. Nontoxic which is Non-flammable is used for this.

Design Tight contact between freeze collars and pipe and direct flow of the refrigerant onto the pipe ensure extremely short freezing times and economic refrigerant consumption.

Freezing is possible on one or two sides, with additional T-distributors further freeze collars can also be connected. Operating is possible even in the tightest spots.

Fast and secure connection to freeze collars. No setting, the correct amount of refrigerant is automatically supplied. High pressure hoses Flexible, buckling-resistant and fractureproof high pressure hoses. Extra-long for wide work radius. Extendable any time.

IMPORTANT, freezing time will depend on the pipe material and size. The larger the pipe and the higher the flow, the longer it will take. Our technicians will plan according to demand and possibly plan to do the freeze at a time of lower flows and/or usage.

This service can be purchased from a minimum of $340+GST (includes 1 hour onsite) and every additional hour is $120+GST.

Talk to Euro Plumbing about pipe freezing services. We can help with any application 24/7.

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