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Is It Time To Replace Your Central Heating Boiler?

June 21, 2018

Boilers typically last up to 15 years, though some central heating systems can stay in tip-top condition for longer with regular annual servicing. If yours is around that age and it isn’t as well maintained as it should be, then it’s time to think about saving for a new one.

Buying a new boiler makes sense if the efficiency loss in your old boiler is significant enough to raise your annual running costs higher than the cost of a modern replacement. Other than seeing an increase in energy bills, here are other signs you need a new boiler:

  • The heat-up time is longer than usual
  • Your usual temperature settings provide lower than normal heating
  • There are strange sounds like clunking or whirring coming from your boiler
  • Your boiler emits a faint smell – an indication that your boiler is broken and it’s producing carbon monoxide
  • Repairs are becoming more frequent
  • Replacement parts are unavailable

By getting a new boiler, you will benefit by reducing your fuel consumption as well as reducing the risk of expensive emergency call-outs when your old boiler shuts down. When choosing a new boiler, we recommend getting a condensing boiler. Here’s why:

Higher efficiency

Modern boilers have condensing technology which significantly increases efficiency. The higher the efficiency of your boiler, the less amount of fuel it will need to produce the same amount of heat in your home. And considering that home heating accounts for a third of your total household energy bill, you’re looking at huge savings on fuel costs.

A modern condensing boiler has an efficiency of around 90%, whereas a non-condensing boiler will only offer about 75% (even a new one). This difference could mean an estimated $280 savings per year.

Another thing that makes a condensing boiler more efficient is its ability to recover otherwise waster heat from the hot gases that escape up the flue. This passive flue gas heat is recaptured and the energy is used to preheat the cold water coming into the boiler.

Reduced carbon footprint

Since they utilise oil and gas fuel better, modern condensing boilers are more environmentally friendly than older types of boilers. That means a reduction in your carbon footprint and fuel costs.

Ease of installation

With a condensing boiler, you only need to make a few changes to the existing system during installation – an additional condensate pipe and a different flue.

ROI is quick

Since you are saving hundreds of dollars on fuel costs per year, the ROI for a boiler upgrade is relatively quick. Depending on what type of gas you’re using, you’re looking at around 2-4 years until the investment pays itself. Nevertheless, you’ll continue to save money for the remainder of your boiler’s lifespan.

Which boiler?

For best energy rating, performance and economy, we recommend the condensing boilers from Bosch (95% AFUE rating) and Baxi (A-rating). Quiet operation, low emissions and durable engineering all make these brands the best when it comes to central heating systems.

Bosch and Baxi systems are also compact so you don’t have to worry about floor space. The controls are very simple, and some systems can even be accessed through your smartphone or tablet.

In the span of your old boiler’s life, many advanced systems are being developed so there’s no sense holding on to your existing boiler or choosing old-brand models. Apart from being inefficient, old boilers tend to be unsafe and inconvenient to use.

If you need more information or advice on boiler replacement, speak to our heating specialists on 0800 TEAM EURO.

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