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Installing Solar in Auckland

January 28, 2020


Water plays such a vital role in keeping our society functioning on a day-to-day basis. Water also gives us plenty of nutrients to help our body function and become healthier versions of ourselves.

We use water to clean our households. We use it in washing the dishes, wiping the windows, mopping the floors, washing the car, and so much more. We use water in our households to keep ourselves clean, in taking showers and baths. Water, especially when warmed, keeps us cool, calm, collected, rested, and relaxed after a long day out of the house.

Why You Need Water Heaters

This, then, turns us to the important subject of heated water. In countries like New Zealand, and places like Auckland, temperature drops are a serious matter. In fact, in the summer, the temperature ranges from 20 degrees centigrade to 30 degrees centigrade.

In the winter, it gets really cold, with temperatures ranging from 10 degrees centigrade to 15 degrees centigrade. Located way below the equator, it is expected for this country and place to get extremely cold. When it comes to cold weather, heated water is the answer.

Types of Water Heaters

In order to have heated water in our households and establishments, we must first have a means to heat water. Generally speaking, there are plenty of ways to do that, and in Auckland these are commonly used: Electric Hot Water Cylinders, Heat Pump Hot Water System, Woodburner Wetbacks, and Instant Gas Water Heaters (which use mains or LPG).

The main problem there is concerning these types of water heating systems is how they cause much damage through the use of fossil fuels, which creates pollution. They are also easily eroded and have to be constantly renewed.

Why You Should Use Solar Power

In the current day and age, new types of technology rise to help alleviate the problem of pollution. Harnessing solar power through the use of solar panels is one of the many ways to do so.

Solar power is now used to run water heating systems in many establishments and private homes, decreasing the amount to pay for electricity, and greatly helping the environment.

Plumbing companies are now taking into consideration the new and upcoming technology that are solar panels. In Auckland, Euro Plumbing provides comfort and ease of installing solar heating anywhere.

Why You Should Hire Euro Plumbing

Euro Plumbing brings European standards and details into New Zealand, complete with the latest technology, experience, and expertise, which make them the ideal partner for any project.

They continue to adopt new techniques and technologies in plumbing and sound building construction, with the aim to provide reliable and long-term benefits to their customers.

They can bring expert minds and quality services when it comes to plumbing, solar heating, drainlaying, gasfitting, and underfloor or central radiator heating. They are the reliable experts for the job.

Solar Heating Systems by Euro Plumbing

Euro Plumbing specializes in Solar Heating Systems – and they can tell you which ones suit your need the most. These types include Photo Voltaic Solar, Retrofitted Solar Systems Thermal, Direct or Indirect Systems Thermal, Thermo-siphon or pumped, (active), Systems, Solar Heating Combination Central Heating, and they are able to advise on which systems are EECA certified and provide the savings you are looking for.

Euro Plumbing have a stellar staff that specializes in solar technology, particularly solar heating, and are considered leaders in solar power in the world. They have installed 1500 systems in over 10 years in Auckland alone.

Euro Plumbing is qualified and certified in New Zealand and Germany and have Central Heating engineers and specialists that work for the company.

Solar Installation in Private Homes

The pictures above gives us an overview of how meticulous and careful Euro Plumbing installs the solar used in private homes. Euro Plumbers employ Master Plumbers who help with building, renovating, and fixing anything you need. They offer quality services every time, as members of this association must complete a Quality Assurance test to review their business.

Euro Plumbing also adhere to a Code of Practice and Code of Conduct, that helps provide best, ethical, and clean business practices. These people provide excellent services, with guarantees to protect you form loss and substandard workmanship.

Master Plumbers are authorized to work with their certificates and ID’s, and are also professionally trained to help maintain their knowledge and skills.

What Euro Plumbing Professionals Can Do

Master Plumbers and plumbers in Euro Plumbing are able to install many types of solar heating systems, including evacuated tubes. These tubes absorb or are called the absorbers of the solar water heater, absorb solar energy to use for water heating. Many European countries that include Germany, and the UK, have already been using this system. They are reliable and are cost efficient.

One evacuated tube is made out of two glass tubes made from borosilicate glass, making it strong to withstand the temperatures of the environment and of the solar power. Using evacuated tubes for solar water heating is a step into making the right decisions for the environment, and for you.


Euro Plumbing helps you choose solar energy as the new step into heating water in your homes and establishments. They make these choices, especially evacuated tubes, available to any person in Auckland and in New Zealand. Harnessing solar power is the next right thing for the future (and present) of water heating.

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