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How To Calculate For Flow Rate

March 11, 2021

Knowing how to calculate your household’s volumetric flow rate is quite an important thing you need to know as a homeowner. This is because it helps you conveniently identify what can work best for your existing plumbing requirements without the need for a specialist. For example, if you’re shopping for an instant water heater, knowing the average water flow rate will help you choose the right appliance or perhaps the type of showerhead and kitchen taps that you need to pair with your system.

Follow the three simple steps below to calculate your household’s flow rate:

Step 1: Collecting the water – Get yourself a timer and set it to 10 seconds. Make sure to prepare a bucket to collect the water once you start the test. Then, turn the shower knob in full blast. After 10 seconds, turn the knob to switch off the flow. You can also do the same for your kitchen taps.

Step 2: Measure the total volume of the collected water – For this step, you’ll need a measuring cup prepared. Note how many cups you have in one bucket and convert that into liters. On average, 4 cups equates to one liter of liquid. So, if you have 2 cups in total, that would be roughly equal to half a liter of water.

Step 3: Compute for the flow rate – To calculate for the flow rate, you’ll need to multiply the measurement of the collected water by 6 (because you need to compute the volume of water flowing per minute or 60 seconds). In the case of the measurement provided above, this would be equal to 1/2 x 6 or 3 litres per minute.


Get Help for your Plumbing Work

On average, the flow rate for NZ households reaches at least 6-12 litres per minute. However, in some cases, the flow rate can diminish or reach an excessive rate of up to 18 litres per minute. If the flow rate is too aggressive or if it doesn’t reach the minimum rate, you’ll need to have your plumbing work checked. Get in touch with our team today for help!

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