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How Do I Know When My LPG Bottles Are Empty?

August 15, 2019


LPG Bottles are tricky. You never know whether your LPG bottle is full or empty by simply shaking it. Keeping your LPG Bottle filled is important. That’s why you need to check it so you can replace it and avoid accidents or fires in the future.

There are many ways of checking whether it is filled or empty. In this article, we will discuss the short version and the full version. There is also some new equipment that will help you check your LPG bottles.

Here is the short version of how to check your LPG gas bottle level:

  1. You can determine how much gas is in your gas bottle by slowly pouring a large bucket of hot tap water down the side of your gas bottle.
  2. Touch the gas bottle down the side to check LPG gas bottle level by feeling for a temperature change.
  3. If there is no difference, then the LPG gas bottle is probably empty.
  4. Notice that a line of condensation may appear as your LPG bottle level indicator.

Quick Tip: Using more hot water makes it easier to check LPG gas bottle level.

Warning: Be careful not to scald yourself with the hot water. Do NOT use boiling water when you check gas bottle level.

Here is the full version of how to check your LPG gas bottle level:

  1. Do NOT use boiling water or you might scald yourself. Just use your hot water tap for the test.
  2. Be careful and slowly pour out the hot water down one side of the gas bottle. The more water you use, the better because this will make it easier for you to feel the difference in temperature and check the LPG gas bottle level. You can use a cleaning bucket when doing the test.
  3. A line of condensation may appear, which you can use as your LPG cylinder level indicator when checking your LPG gas bottle level.
  4. After pouring hot water on your LPG gas bottle level, wait a few seconds and then run your hand down the same side of the LPG gas bottle where you had previously poured out the hot water. This will help you determine how much gas is actually left in your LPG bottle.
  5. There should be a change of temperature that will tell you how much gas is in your LPG bottle. If there is no difference in temperature, then your LPG bottle is probably empty.

Warning: Be careful not to scald yourself with the hot water when you check gas bottle level.

Quick Tip: The test to check LPG gas bottle level works even better during or after you use one of your LPG appliances. For example, if you have LPG hot water, check gas bottle level right after someone takes a shower, as it’s much easier to tell how full a gas bottle is.

There’s another, more advanced way of checking your LPG Bottles to see if they are empty or not.

ModuSense Gas Bottle Level Monitor

The ModuSense Gas Bottle Level Monitor is made of the finest materials. Here is a full list of its specifications:

  • Highly durable Stainless Steel (304)
  • Weather sealed IP67 enclosure
  • Ideal for 9KG, 18KG and 45KG LPG bottles
  • Supports up to 180KG total weight

The ModuSense Bottle Scale is a highly durable scale base for monitoring consumption of gas resources. Perfect for 9kg, 18kg and 45kg bottles.

When combined with the ModuSense LPG Gas Detector you can not only monitor the consumption of gas but also detect possible leaks.

Here is a full list of specifications for the ModuSense LPG Gas Detector:

  • Highly durable 2.5mm Stainless Steel (304)
  • Ideal for 45KG LPG bottle as used in lifestyle installations
  • Versatile – can also weigh 9KG and 18KG variants

There are Multiple Controller Gateway options available depending on deployment. The ModuSense LPG Gas Detector includes the first 12 months of ModuSense Cloud System access and connectivity on the Spark cellular network. If you are “off-grid,” then we have Satellite options too. Just get in touch with us and we will help you.

For multiple bottles on a site, you can install a single ModuSense Controller Gateway (Cellular) and use the Bluetooth Gateway on each subsequent bottle. Data from the Bluetooth devices is automatically collected on the controller and transmitted to the ModuSense data platform for trend analysis and alert notifications.


Checking your LPG bottles is vital if you want to keep your home or business premises safe from accidents and fires. Using the ModuSense Bottle Scale with the ModuSense LPG Gas Detector will help you stay on top of your LPG usage as it enables you to regularly check your LPG bottles so that you’re always aware of its content and when it needs another refill.

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