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Residential Gas Fitting

If it runs on gas Euro Plumbing can install it, service it and repair it! All gas fitting installations must be installed in compliance with the relevant codes and standards. Make sure you ask your gas fitting installer for a relevant Gas fitting licence. Failure to do so risks the insurance cover of the building and places the installer in danger of censure by the plumbers, gas fitters, and drainlayers board, and also at risk of court action by the owner of the building in case of an insurance claim. The NZ building Act requires the certifying gas-fitter to self-certify their work and lodge a copy of the Energy Work certificate (PS3 and gas certificate) with the PGDB. gasfitting licence
An appliance should be installed to meet the safety requirements of NZS 5262 “gas appliance safety” and 5601 part 1 and 2. Our residential gas fitting services include installation and servicing of the following:
  • Residential gas appliances such as Rinnai instantaneous waters heater, gas hot water cylinders and gas hobs.
  • External LPG/NG BBQ installations (permanent configurations and repairs) Also external ovens, bread makers and heaters.
  • LPG installations including LPG bottle installations and relocations
  • Specialised gas hob and gas appliance repair
  • Gas changeover regulator installations and maintenance
  • Gas fire places and gas space heaters
  • Gas appliance servicing and repair services
  • Brands we are able to install and service are: Rinnai, Pramco, SMEG, Fisher and Paykal, Electrolux, Escea, Bosch, Able and many more.

What do we look out for prior to installing your appliance?

A basic checklist can save our clients lots of hassle and cost prior to purchasing/commencing the gas appliance installation. Euro Plumbing try to come as prepared as possible to the installation.

Pre-installation checklist:

  • Check that the appliance is suitable for your requirements
  • Check the energy safety service website to see is the appliance is approved for use in NZ
  • Check that the appliance can be installed in the proposed location. (Is gas supply available? can flues be installed?)
  • Check that the gas type is compatible for the appliance.
  • Check the clearances to combustible surfaces.
  • Check that the air for combustion and ventilation is available.
  • Check that the access for maintenance can be achieved.
  • Check that a power supply is available if the appliance requires power.

In most cases, with the above information we can establish what gas appliance is suitable without arranging for a site visit, saving you time and money and we always stand by what we quote you!


PRICE: $ 1499 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Ideal scenario for this installation will be single level house, existing wood fireplace that is to be replaced with a new Gas Fired. Gas should be available on the property. Does not include removal of existing wood burner, in many instances a builder may have to be involved.

Included is:

  • 10 meter run gas pipe
  • Gas valve and flexible connection as required
  • Flue installation (single story, supply not included)
  • Physical installation and fixing of Fire place
  • Commissioning and certification

9KG bottle installation / re-location (LPG)

PRICE: $ 449 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Still have your LPG bottle sitting inside a cupboard supplying gas to you LPG gas hob? Are you aware that laws in New Zealand have changed deeming such installations as “unsafe” and non-compliant? Whether you are selling your home and are now required to bring the installation up to standard, or wanting maintain a safe environment, this special installation deal offers the solution for most scenarios.

Included is:

  • 5 meter gas pipe run to exterior wall
  • Gas bottle regulator and hose
  • All labor and involved materials
  • Gas certificate (PS3)

This special excludes the supply of a LPG bottle, please advise in your booking details if needed.

Gas Hob (gas cook top) installation / re-location (Natural Gas and LPG)

PRICE: $ 499 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Whether you are replacing your existing electrical hob or installing new, this deal includes everything that you need. Available for both LPG and Natural gas. Included is:

  • Up to 5 meters of gas pipe from Hob to energy source (gas meter supply pipe or LPG bottle) (Back to back)
  • All required valves
  • Gas Flexible connection
  • All relevant labour and involved materials
  • Gas certificate (PS3)
NOTE: An additional fee of $ 130 including GST will apply for free standing ovens (stoves). This is to allow to secure oven to the wall and supply a long flexible connection to allow for maintenance and cleaning as per NZBC. Ovens wider than 900mm will require a second person for lifting. Euro Plumbing generally accept client help in this instance to prevent further cost. This special excludes the supply of a LPG bottle, please advise in your booking details if needed. To ensure the installation complies please see the drawing below   gas_hob_installation_requirements   Requirement 1 Overhead clearances—(Measurement A) Range hoods and exhaust fans shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's relevant instructions. However, in no case shall the clearance between the highest part of the hob of the gas cooking appliance and a range hood be less than 600 mm or, for an overhead exhaust fan, 750 mm. Any other downward facing combustible surface less than 600 mm above the highest part of the hob shall be protected for the full width and depth of the cooking surface area in accordance with Clause However, in no case shall this clearance to any surface be less than 450 mm. (b) Requirement 2 Side clearances—(Measurements B and C) Where B, measured from the periphery of the nearest burner to any vertical combustible surface is less than 200 mm, that surface shall be protected in accordance with Clause to a height C of not less than 150 mm above the hob for the full dimension (width or depth) of the cooking surface area. Where the gas cooking appliance is fitted with a 'splashback', protection of the rear wall is not required. (c) Requirement 3 Additional requirements for freestanding and elevated gas cooking Appliances—(Measurements D and E) Where D, the distance from the periphery of the nearest burner to a horizontal combustible surface is less than 200 mm, then E shall be 10 mm or more, or the horizontal surface shall be above the trivet. NOTES: 1 Requirement 3 does not apply to a freestanding or elevated gas cooking appliance which is designed to prevent flames or the cooking vessels from extending beyond the periphery of the gas appliance. 2 The 'cooking surface area' is defined as that part of the gas appliance where cooking normally takes place and does not include those parts of the gas appliance containing control knobs. 3 Consideration is to be given to window treatments when located near cooking appliances.

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I want to claim my $ 50!
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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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