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LPG Installations

LPG installations supplied from replaceable cylinders are classed as Gasfitting work. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is the name given to hydrocarbon fuel gases that become liquid is either a moderate increase in pressure or a moderate drop in temperature, or both, occur. Propane and butane are the two most commonly used gases. General LPG, which is currently available, is 60% propane and 40% Butane by mass and NOT by volume. LPG liquefies at gauge pressures of between 600 and 700 KPA.


The following is an indication and designed to educate the public before deciding to switch to LPG gas supply. If you have questions or wish to discuss alternative options please ask for our technical team on 0800 TEAM EUROThe amount of liquid fuel that can be vaporised from a cylinder depends on the temperature, and how much fuel is in the cylinder. The vaporisation rate determines how much heat energy a cylinder can supply. As a rough guide, a 45KG cylinder can supply an average of 53MJ/h. The following formula is a simple and practical way to find how many 45kg cylinders you need. (further down also a simple calculation to determine how many hours they will last)

Number of cylinder = total demand (MJ/h) / 53

For example, you are going to use/install the following LPG appliances:

gas_rinnai_2.jpg lpg_installation.jpg
Cooker 55
Water Heater 25
Space Heater 20
Space Heater 8
Total Demand 108 MJ/h
Therefore number of cylinders = 108/53 = 2.038. You should therefore install a supply bank of 2 x 45 KG cylinders with a changeover valve and have a reserve bank of two more 45KG cylinders.In the same way, you can calculate how long the cylinders will last before they run out. By using the examples above, you can see that each kilogram of 60/40 LPG evolves 0.467 m3 of gas. You have decided to use 2 x 45KG LPG cylinders. The HV value of 60/40 LPG is 102.7 MJ/m3 and the maximum demand is 108 MJ/h.

Calculate as follows:

Gas Stored = 90 x 0.467 = 42.03 m3
Energy Stored = 42.03 x 102.7 = 4316.5 MJ
Consumption time = 4316.5 / 108 (demand) = 39.97 hours!

Replacing LPG change over regulator (supply to 2 x 45KG LPG bottles)

PRICE: $ 442.75 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Included is:

  • Supply and installation of new Automatic LPG change over regulator (2.75 KPA) with manual switchover, includes two flexible connections (pigtails) to existing LPG bottles which should not be longer than 1 meter. Please note that change over regulator installations are required to be secured to the wall and provided with a condensate drain, if no condensate drain is available an extra charge of $ 30 including GST will apply.
  • LPG gas bottle test and system commissioning
Instantaneous Rinnai / Bosch / Rheem water heating on LPG bottles

View our special here RINNAI SPECIAL

For further Instant water heater specials please follow this link Instant Gas Water Heating

Some key rules around LPG bottle installations to supply Instant water heaters:

In general LPG cylinders should be installed,

  • Outdoors, or in a ventilated cylinder house
  • Upright on a firm base (typically, pavers or concrete)
  • Above ground and flood level
  • A mandatory minimum distance from ignition sources, drains or openings into buildings (review NZBC or ask gasfitter)
  • Secured in position
  • Located or protected from vandalism and vehicle damage
  • To comply with the dangerous Goods regulations

Relocate your existing or install new 9KG LPG bottle for your gas hob or BBQ

View our LPG bottle relocation / installation special HERE


LPG bottle housing must have high and low ventilation openings of at least 200cm2 for cylinder enclosed. LPG being heavier than air will drain from the housing through the lower ventilation opening to outside and safely disperse. The cylinder must also have minimum clearances from any possible source of ignition, any openings to building and any drains. LPG bottles CANNOT be stored under your kitchen sink without ventilation and keeping clearances in mind. Alternatively LPG bottles can be relocated to the outside to comply with the standard.


COOKING APPLIANCES:$149 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

HEATING APPLIANCES:$149 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

WATER HEATING APPLIANCES:$149 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Euro Plumbing offer gas appliance conversion services from Natural Gas to LPG and vica versa. If you have moved home or business and have taken your gas appliances with you, there might be a chance that your appliances will not work if the type of gas available on the property has changed. Most appliance manufacturers can supply “conversion kits” which allows you to convert from one type of gas to another enabling you to reuse your appliance. Euro Plumbing can advise on conversion kits prior to purchase of a new appliance or re-installation. Pricing above includes the following:

  • For Heating and water appliances our technician will advise accurate cost prior to begin, you will not be charged in advance.
  • Installation of client supplied conversion kit (must include regulator for NG conversions)
  • Re-commissioning and certification of gas appliance (required by law)
The following procedure is included: gas_hob
  1. The appliance must be suitable for use with LPG.
  2. Working pressure is higher (2.75KPA) with LPG, so regulators must be adjusted, modified or replaced.
  3. Injectors must be replaced or reduced to correct bore size.
  4. Pilot burners may need replacing and / or repositioning.
  5. Mains burners sometimes need replacing (not in cluded)
  6. Control taps, thermostats and flame-failure equipment are not always convertible and so may need replacing (not included)
  7. Final pressure test of appliance and installation
  8. Certification of gas appliance and warranties
IMPORTANT: Always compare the price of conversion with the price of a new LPG appliance. Replacing the appliance may be cheaper. For more information about gas appliance conversions and associated kits, please contact our technicians on 0800 TEAM EURO Please note that Euro Plumbing also provide Commercial LPG installation services for permanent and temporary applications. Gas meter connection services also available. commercial_LPG_bottle_installation

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My Name:
I want to claim my $ 50!
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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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