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Caravans and Boats

GAS AND PLUMBING ON CARAVANS AND BOATS (Marine plumbing and gas). In New Zealand any gas work done on caravans and boats is subject NZBC and must only be done by a qualified (niche experienced) gasfitter.Euro Plumbing have extensive experience with Gasfitting work on caravans, boats and Yachts. We have provided some basic guidelines below, note that gas regulations may change depending on the type of caravan or boat that you have. gasfitting_in_caravans.jpg
  1. Permanent caution notices
  2. Expansion loops or approved flexible connection
  3. Hotplate (firmly secured to bench)
  4. Rubber grommet (on tube at floorline)
  5. Annealed copper tube (on inside of chassis)
  6. Copper tube clips (spaced as specified)
  7. Securing hooked bolts
  8. Regulator screwed directly into cylinder valve
  9. Appliance isolating valve
LPG Cylinders must not be installed, or even carried, inside a caravan or boat. They must be mounted outside. Caravan cylinders can be mounted, as shown in the figure above, outside the caravan chassis in a protected position. If this does not suit, a compartment may be constructed that opens and is ventilated to the outside but is sealed gas tight from the inside. lpg_bottles_on_caravan_and_boats.jpg Two cylinders can be manifolded together and mounted on the caravan chassis in the same way (as per image above). However, if the cylinders are connected together so that gas is drawn from both cylinders during use, the combined capacity will be greater than 15 KG net mass and therefore any appliances connected downstream of the supply are deemed to be Gasfitting and have to be certified by a certifying gasfitter.Caravan cylinders must be secured by attachments designed and constructed to withstand a load equal to four times the weight of a full cylinder and fittings from all directions.LPG cylinders on boats should be mounted on the deck or deckhouse top in such a position that any leaking vapour drains over the side and does not enter the boat below deck.
Gas-tight compartments on boats should be:

  • Gas-tight to the hull interior
  • Made of fireproof material
  • Openable only from the top and
  • Ventilated cylinders to the deck or mounting by metal brackets strong enough to withstand a load in any direction equal to 4 times the weight of the full cylinder and all its fittings. In boats, use quick-release (bayonet) fittings so that, in an emergency, cylinders and appliances can be disconnected without spanners.

If you are needing Gasfitting work done on you caravan or Boat, give the specialists a ring on 0800 TEAM EURO. Euro Plumbing specialise in all areas of mobile Gasfitting works.

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My Name:
I want to claim my $ 50!
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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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