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Gas Fittings: Uses & Value

March 10, 2022

Gas is by far one of the most sought after utilities. Gas Fittings provide a home with an extremely cheap source of heating with a multitude of uses. However with the rise of climate change the New Zealand government is planning to scrap new gas connections for new builds and retrofits. Meaning, soon homeowners who don’t already have a gas connection will be out of luck. Luckily, those who already have a gas connection will be able to continue using the resource long into the foreseeable future. 

If you have a gas connection already then you would be silly not to fully utilise it. Gas is incredibly cheap to run compared to electricity. So, using gas where the option is available could save you hundreds each year in your bills.

So, what are some gas fitting connections worth looking into?

Gas Water Heating

Gas water heating is the most obvious choice. Majority of a home’s energy bill is spent heating up the water used in the home. Hot water is used for showers, laundry, and in the kitchen. The average kiwi family goes through hot water like nothing else, so saving money here is worth it. Gas water heating can come in the form of a Continuous (Instantaneous) Gas Hot Water Heating or a regular gas fired hot water cylinder.

Gas Cooking

Nothing compares to cooking on an open flame, why else do kiwis love a good BBQ. Anyone who has used an electric stove will tell you it’s just not the same. Some advantages of a gas cooker are:

  • Instant heat
  • Cost effective
  • Finer control over temperature

Gas central heating

While heating water does take up a lot of energy, heating one’s home in winter adds far more to your energy bill. If you are looking into installing central heating and have access to a gas connection then installing gas central heating is a no brainer.

Solar panels paired with a heat pump system is the only other central system that can compare in running cost. However, the cost to install such a system makes gas even more attractive.

If you are interested in what gas fitting services are offered by Euro Plumbing give us a call at 0800 832 638 or contact us online to talk to one of our expert technicians. They will help you explore some gas options that are suitable for you.

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