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Gas Appliance Repairs in Auckland

April 25, 2021

With gas being one of the cheapest fuel sources in Auckland, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a home without a single gas appliance. You can imagine how much trouble it is when a gas appliance breaks down.

Luckily, gas appliance repairs are often much simpler than you think, although it is not something that you should attempt to DIY. One of the basic safety rules here is that any gas appliance must be installed and serviced only by a licensed or registered gas fitter.


A qualified gasfitter would ensure that all components of the appliance are connected, tested and adjusted properly. More importantly, a registered gasfitter would be able to provide you with either a Gas Safety Certificate or a Certificate of Compliance, indicating that your gas unit is safe to operate. Without this certification, you run the risk of getting fined for running an unsafe home appliance. Worse, you could put you, your family and your property in peril.


The owner’s manual is a handy book whenever a household device acts up. But if it doesn’t help in troubleshooting your broken appliance, it’s best to call in a qualified person. Licensed and registered gasfitters rely on years of experience to investigate all possible faults, and advise you on the best remedies.

Euro Plumbing has worked with a wide range of gas appliances brands, so our technicians are familiar with how each one is built and how it operates. We also carry specialist parts for various brands, and we can source spare components from overseas if necessary.


Maintenance and Servicing

Gas appliances are generally durable – ovens can last up to 15 years while gas water heaters can serve for over two decades. That being said, you can prolong the life of your appliance and maintain its efficiency with regular servicing. At the very least, gas appliances should be checked and serviced every 10 years.

Of course, how long your household equipment will actually last depends on how you use it. Burning gas creates by-products that typically build up and clog the flues or pipes, so regular cleaning should be in order.

At Euro Plumbing, we offer a full suite of maintenance services, including visual inspections, strip cleaning, working and standing pressure adjustment, components check, combustion performance analysis, spillage test and gas rating.

Combustion Analysis Performance Test

Gas appliances must be checked to ensure that it is burning correctly. Otherwise, it will run at subpar efficiency or pose a safety risk. We highly recommend using a combustion analysis performance test for this purpose. The test measures the flue gas temperature, draught, pressure, oxygen and carbon monoxide levels, ambient CO, exhaust gas loss, etc.

The test will show whether or not your appliance is operating as it should. Adjustments may be done to ensure operational efficiency, safety and economy.

In addition to these services, Euro Plumbing also offers natural gas to LPG conversion and central heating and gas hob installation. Whenever you need a professional gasfitter, call us on 0800 832 638.

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