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Euro Plumbing Shortage Of Licensed Gas Fitters In Auckland.

March 20, 2017

If you have been looking for a gas fitter lately, you likely will have come across many companies who just can’t fit your job in. New Zealand has been in the grips of a building boom for the last 2 years and there is no sign of this stopping.

Whether you are looking at residential areas or commercial, the skylines are full of cranes and the sound of saws, hammers and machinery.

The need for more highly-skilled workers in the building industry is an ongoing problem. There appears to be a general lack of awareness around the high level of skills needed and the opportunities available. New Zealand also seems to work on short range forecasts and as long as a situation is rectified now, we don’t look ahead to the far future.

This means that the demand for skilled building technicians that we see all over the country now should have been anticipated at least 5 years ago as a need we would have in 2017.

One of the skillsets that has experienced a large spike in demand is Gas Fitters. If you have been trying to access a gas fitter of late, you probably will have found that they are booked out for months in advance – or you have been turned away to try and find another company as they are just too busy to consider new work.

The Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers board defines Gasfitting as “any work involved in installing, altering or repairing gas appliances including the fixing or unfixing of any gas pipes, ventilation or flue pipes, commissioning gas appliances and ensuring their safe operation (including the testing, setting, checking and adjusting of safety devices, combustion conditions and controls associated with the gas installation and ensuring there is adequate ventilation).

Many gas fitters specialize in certain areas, this means that although there may appear to be plenty of qualified gas fitting technicians around – if they do not have the specialised experience and training that YOUR project needs, you might still not find one available. Some companies will offer you one of their gas fitters but pass on the cost of bringing their training up to speed so they can attend to your job correctly.

If you are internally groaning thinking you will never find a gas fitter for your project – not to fear! Euro Plumbing has more than 8 licensed gas fitters based in both Auckland and Hamilton. Our gas fitters are all qualified and have a wealth of experience. Euro Plumbing can provide you with gas fitters who specialize in domestic and commercial gas systems. We have gas fitters who specialise in boats and caravans. If you are needing a gas fitter who can help you with appliance servicing or repairs – then Euro Plumbing’s gas fitters can help you! In fact, no matter what your Gas Fitting requirement, Euro Plumbing will have a gas fitter that can complete your project.

While everyone else panics trying to find a gas fitter to help with their projects – you don’t need to. Give us a call today and let us at Euro Plumbing get your Gas Fitting underway!

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