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Drains Not Draining? You May Need Drain Unblocking

June 6, 2018

Have you found yourself in a situation where your drains are not doing what they are supposed to do, in that they are not draining water? Perhaps you have walked outside to find your yard flooded. This is not as rare as you may think, and is often due to a blocked drain.

How do drains get blocked?
There are many ways in which a drain can get blocked. The most common causes are often rubbish which has been through into drains or flushed down the toilet, along with leaves which can fall into drains. Another very common blockage is tree roots, which can puncture a drain pipe, causing damage and blocking the flow. This is a more serious issue and will require a drain repair. However, it is also possible that your drain is blocked by something as simple as silt and dirt building up from years of service. Whatever the case, it will need to be cleared.

So my drain is blocked, what do I do?
Firstly, the blockage will need to be identified so that the correct procedure for clearing the drains can be selected. This is usually done through a CCTV drain inspection, which involves putting a CCTV camera down the drain until it comes to the blockage, allowing the drain unblocker to see what is causing the issue. Here is an example video of what it looks like:

Once the blockage has been identified, the method of unblocking can be chosen. If the drain is damaged but something such as tree roots, this will involve repairing that section of pipe and is a bit more complicated than a regular unblock. If it is simply rubbish, or buildup of debris, count yourself lucky as these jobs are usually quick and easy, costing you little.

The common method for drain unblocking these days is Hydro jetting. This system involves putting a jetting hose down the drain, the pressure from the water jet clears any blockages. This is much faster and cheaper than other drain unblocking methods, and can be used on all sizes of drains.

We at Euro Plumbing specialise in all drain unblocking and CCTV inspection services and can help you get your drains operating once again. Talk to us today on 0800 832 638.


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