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Subsoil Drainage

In Auckland depending in what suburb you live, water flooding and pooling can occur for several reasons. Euro Plumbing has provided cost effective solutions for the following flooding scenarios
  • Description of flooding: Water is pooling in several areas along driveway, overflowing to neighbouring property causing nuisance and damage to landscaped areas.
  • Investigation results: Existing concrete formed incorrectly resulting in pooling even causing collapse of several driveway areas.
  • Solution: Cut and remove existing concrete, new fill and compact, install side subsoil drainage and new cesspit, pour new concrete to correct levels, flood test.
  • Description of flooding: House built early 70’s, constructed into elevated section positioning outside ground level 1.2 meters above inside finished floor levels.Water penetrating building envelope causing flooding in semi basement living areas. Mould and damaged timer frame visible.
  • Investigation results: Existing subsoil drainage in field tile format (earthenware), degraded due to age and possibly collapsed in several locations.
  • Solution: Excavate a total of 1.5 meters (below existing finished floor levels) and remove existing field tiles. Install new subsoil drainage at correct level and backfill with approved fill. Connect as per NZBC at lower levels.

  • Description of flooding: Many homes in Auckland are built in areas where soakage is limited due to dense ground percolation (slow soakage), Homes built in and around clay sections are usually prone to severe flooding where homes built in volcanic areas are less prone as water can drain to lower levels much quicker preventing excessive higher level ground and surface flooding.
  • Investigation results: Percolation tests show minimal soakage, in heavy rain water levels raise quickly causing sever ground and surface water, flooding lower levels, basement flooding and garage.
  • Solution: Excavate and install subsoil drainage below finished floor levels of liveable areas and install new subsoil drainage to manage ground and surface water to lower levels preventing ingression.
BASEMENT FLOODING (WATER UNDER HOUSE / BUSINESS OR GARAGE AREAS)Euro Plumbing provide different methods to remedy flooding in lower areas of your home or business.

PUMPED CHAMBER SOLUTIONSPumped solutions are very desirable when falls are not available to remove water with gravity or a “route” and depths are not reasonable or economically not suitable.Some typical scenarios where this could apply: New-drainage-before New-drainage-after
  • The basement area affected with water flooding is deeper than 2 meters from the outside ground levels and excavation of this area(along outside) to install subsoil drainage is too difficult and expensive due to depth. Creating a catchment area within the basement area (inside the building envelope) diverting all ground water to an internal chamber which in return will pump all ground water to upper levels in an existing stormwater system.
  • A Commercial parking area floods in heavy rain, new channels are installed which discharge into a bubble-up chamber which in return overflows into a pumped chamber.

Pump chambers are also commonly used in sanitary sewer applications if site falls are not available.


If falls are available, subsoil drainage is very effective in many situations from an overwhelmed lawn resulting in mud for days to a basement or garage area which floods when ground water levels rise above finished floor levels. Subsoil applications can vary depending on applications. Installations are possible along the outside of the building envelope (application includes water proofing of foundations and repair of any damaged foundations or plastered areas) or within the building envelope with modification to existing concrete slab and retailing wall. flooded_basement
Installation methods and materials used for subsoil applications may also vary as per images below:

Ground Soakage Percolation Test

PRICE: $ 399.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

If your property does not have a public stormwater connection and nis affected by flooding then you are most likely required to manage your stormwater onsite. Several methods are available to achieve this outcome, one of which is creating a soak-hole onsite. ASNZ 3500 deals with this method, in combination with a retention / detention tank, soakage holes are a very popular and cost effective solution to manage your onsite stormwater. Soak-holes and soakage in general is sized accurately and is relevant to total roof / surface catchment areas.Euro Plumbing can be employed to test you’re your ground conditions for soakage and soak-holes. Results dependant an obligation free quote can be provided to supply and install a soakhole.

Seasonal effect on work


Seasonal Effect on Work When working outdoors is crucial to consider. Euro Plumbing can accommodate your drainage requirement in almost any working environment. Our team will Carefully assess works prior to quote/ begin and advise on any possible additional costs that may apply due to weather conditions. Some additional costs as follows may apply:

  • Trench Shoring
  • Trench pumps
  • Trench shoring
  • Excavation of trench relief points including diversions and management

It's very common that the design and investigation of subsoil drainage systems are uncertain processes. Only in a very limited number of situations can the need for subsoil drainage be identified without detailed subsurface investigations involving excavations, field observations, and soil tests. Euro Plumbing’s experience in this sector is exclusive within Auckland and our experience is extremely valuable in identifying challenges and putting a plan of action in place that will not only save you money but also give you a long term solution. Have a flooding problem? Call Euro Plumbing for a solution today!

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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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