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Residential Drainlaying

Our residential drainage services range is very large and covers most tasks within the scope of residential drainage. In some instances earthenware (EW) and concrete pipe installations may also apply up to 225mm. Services for Pipes larger than 225mm can be found on our commercial drainage page.
Whether you are a builder, engineer or end consumer, Euro Plumbing has a very streamlined quoting system which allows you to easily budget for your new or ongoing project. Our QS team is fully equipped to quote and provide drainage expert advice within 48 hours of receiving your specifications. Exceptions apply for larger or tricky jobs.
If you have a job that needs to be quoted, please use our contact page or email your plans to quotes@europlumbing.co.nz. We are able to send you a price within 48 hours. For more information please call 0800 TEAM EURO
  • All domestic type drainage, Stormwater and sewer. All class PVC, Earthenware and concrete pipe including Heavy Duty.
  • Retention and Detention tank systems including controlled overflow or pumped solutions
  • Onsite Sewage and stormwater system solutions including design
  • Watermain directional drilling and thrusting services
  • Roof and surface storm water solutions
  • Soak holes and underground detention tank water management
  • Downpipe drainage and gutter solutions to the right of bullet points in full size please residential_drainage and drainage_underslab under it, reduce size to suit.
  • Water tank supply and installation services
  • Gully trap servicing and repair services
  • Onsite Sewage disposal systems
  • Septic Tanks and efficient disposal fields
  • Subsoil drainage solutions
  • Flooding basement solutions
  • Rain Harvesting
  • CCTV and drain unblocking services
  • Driveway and garage stormwater channels, supply and installation. (repair services also available)
  • Driveway cesspits and surface water management
We have compiled a list of basic residential drainage services below to streamline your price inquiry and booking process. For any related drainage services not found on our please call our Team on 0800 TEAM EURO or email drainage@europlumbing.co.nz


PRICE: $ 499.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

This price includes the following:
  • Disconnection and removal of old concrete gully trap
  • Supply and installation of new UPVC Gully trap
  • Reconnection of existing discharge pipes into Gully trap
  • Concrete base and Haunching
Please view gully trap installation guidelines. Conditions apply as sometimes existing gully traps installations may not comply, this offer excludes commercial installations. For more installation details on OFRG please view approved methods as follows:
A Gully Traps shall prevent the ingress of surface water, and of foreign bodies likely to cause blockage. A Gully Dish is therefore required to be installed:
  • No less than 25mm above paved surfaces, or
  • No less than 100mm above unpaved surfaces
And with the grate that is no more than 600 above the water seal, so that the gully trap can be easily cleaned by hand. Waste pipes shall be installed:
  • To permit easy cleaning of the gully trap, and
  • With outlets located at least 20mm above water seal level, and at least 20mm below the top of the grating.
Protection. Where the gully trap is likely to be subjected to damage, it shall be:
  • Set level on a 75mm bed of concrete and the trap, riser and dish surrounded with no less than 75mm of concrete; or
  • It shall be protected with compacted selected fill


PRICE: $ 248.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Euro Plumbing offer garage and driveway channel installation services which will manage your surface stormwater efficiently preventing flooding and pooling. Please note that in some cases cesspits may be required which is not included in this installation price. The following is included and conditions may apply depending on access and point of outfall.
Included is:channel_drain_specification
  • 1 meter of residential grade channel drain (100mm box) including dropper
  • Concrete cutting and removal
  • Concrete base with levelling compound
  • Connection onto existing point of outfall not further than 2 meters away
*Only as long as stock lasts
Euro Plumbing also offer internal channel installations used in situations such as tiled showers and entry areas. For quotes outside the above specification please call us on 0800 TEAM EURO or email us on channels@europlumbing.co.nz


PRICE: $ 499.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Whether you need a cesspit to connect a drainage coil (NOVACOIL) from behind a retaining wall, connection of a driveway channel or replace an old one this special is ideal for you and includes the following:
  • 1 x 450mm x 450mm x 600mm Residential grade cesspit (can be ordered in square or round format)
  • Steel grate to manage surface water
  • Excavation and/or concrete cutting to allow for installation
  • Half-siphon as per NZBC to connect onto existing point of outfall.
Point of outfall may not be more than 1 meter away. Cesspit risers are also available if excavation is to exceed 600mm. Sealed cesspit solutions also available for soak-holes and underground water management solutions.
All work is done to NZBC standards, certified warrantied accordingly. Some examples of these standards can be found in documents G13/AS2 and E1/AS, to download these standards please visit our FREE DOANLOAD STANDARDS SECTION
  The drainage system shall be constructed so as to:poly_cesspit
  • Convey foul water to an appropriate outfall
  • Avoid the likelihood of blockage
  • Be supported, jointed and protected in a way that will avoid the likelihood of penetration or root or the entry of ground water.
  • Be provided with reasonable access for maintenance and clearing blockages.
  • Be ventilated to avoid the likelihood of foul air and gases accumulating in the drainage system and sewer.
  • Avoid the likelihood of damage from superimposed loads or normal ground movement.
  • Avoid the likelihood of damage to any outfall, in a manner acceptable to the network utility operator.
Acceptable Pipe materials Euro Plumbing has successfully installed include: Concrete, Ceramic, Vitrified clay, Steel, Ductile iron, UPVC, HDPE, ABS

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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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