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Rain Harvesting Finally Affordable

Product Code: EURH1

Product Price: $2600 (incl. GST)


Special Detail

Rain Harvesting Finally Affordable in Auckland!


Euro Plumbing makes it possible!

Even on a rainy day you are bound to smile, finally free water! Wash your car, water your garden, fill your kids pool or spa with clean and free water. With increasing water rates this option is a must have for 2+ family households.

With our new Euro Rain Harvesting System design the process is easy and affordable! Have a look below to see what’s included.

NEW RAIN WATER HARVESTING SYSTEM installed $ 2500 including gst

This deal includes the following:

  • Above ground rain harvesting water tank 2000 liters available in 5 colors. 1) Dark Green 2) Light Green 3) Grey (color steel) 4) Black 5) Light brown. Tank diameter is 1200mm and can fit right below your existing downpipe dropper.
  • Gutter-witch to remove all debris from your spouting (installed into the downpipe)
  • Mains pressure house hold pump (300 KPA) with 12 months warranty.
  • Inline strainer on pump outletrain_water_harvesting_auckland
  • 1 hose tap on pump outlet
  • All required labor, pipe and materials to get the job done


Rain water can be used for drinking when an additional drinking filter is installed, please ask for this option in advance so we quote this accurately.

Note that the distances included in this special are tank cannot be more than 5 meters away from downpipe dropper and pump cannot be more than 5 meters away from tank. Electrical components are not included.

Pumps are usually positioned inside a garage alternatively an additional pump cover can be purchased to allow for pumps to be installed externally.

Euro Plumbing offer rain harvesting systems up to 30000 liters per tank capacity, for alternative and commercial size systems please arrange for an obligation free quote. Please contact us on 0800 832 638 for more information.

euro_plumbing_rain_harvesting_tankFor alternative FREE WATER systems please contact us.


For more information please view our Rain harvesting system catalog,

If you are looking for another deal relating to this one but cant find it on our website give us a ring and we will make you an alternative offer, call us on 0800 832 638 or email help@europlumbing.co.nz

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