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Manholes and Chambers

Over the years Euro Plumbing have developed immense experience around Manhole and chamber installations / construction. With available and experienced manpower, the right machinery and tools, no job is too large for Team Euro Drainage.Our manhole and chamber services include:

  • Unblocking and cleaning
  • Connection repairs and servicing
  • Haunching and concrete services
  • Replacements and upgrades
manhole_in_rock existing_manhole_benching
Access to sewer / stormwater via chambers and manholesAccess points are constructed over a sewer or stormwater to allow ready access from ground level so that the sewer can be inspected and maintained, without having to open up sealed or landscaped ground.
While provision of access points should be kept to a minimum to prevent possible infiltration to sewers, they must occur at reasonable intervals along a sewer and stormwater line for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.Access is provided at each:

  • Change of sewer gradient
  • Change of sewer direction
  • Junction of two or more sewers and
  • Where a sewer changes size

Intermediate access points are provided (on straight lines) so that the spacing between them does not exceed 100 meters. Alternatively, rodding points may be used at 50 metre (maximum) intervals. Chambers may be cast in Situ, Wet or dry, shallow or deep.

A dry inspection chamber (manhole) has standard drain pipes running across the floor of the chamber with an inspection point (IP) fitted.A shallow inspection chamber (manhole) is 1 m or less deep with a diameter sufficient to allow drainage rods ready access from ground level to the sewer or drain.

A Deep access chamber (manhole) is greater than 1 m deep and has a diameter sufficient to allow a person entry and working space inside the chamber. Rungs are fixed to the chamber wall to form a ladder providing safe ready access.

Means of access: All manholes over 1 meter deep shall be provided with iron steps recessed in the case of small manholes. When the depth exceeds 2 m, galvanised steel ladders are recommended. Step irons and ladder rungs projecting not less than 125 mm should be evenly spaced at nominal 300mm vertical intervals. The lowest iron or rung shall be not more than 450mm above the benching and the highest not more than 600 mm below the top surface of the manhole cover.In deep manholes, removable steel grillage type platforms shall be placed at 6m vertical intervals. Steel ladders connecting platforms shall be placed on opposite walls, or staggered alternately right and left on the same wall. The least dimension in access openings of platforms shall be not less than 500mm. residential manhole
Step irons should be formed from mild steel rod of 20mm minimum diameter and all steel work shall be hot dipped galvanised at the rate of 0.7kg/m2. Alternatively, the use of marine quality (type 316 or similar) stainless steel or high strength synthetic (plastic) coatings should be considered in situations likely to be exceptionally corrosive. Access_chamber_with_open_drain manhole_access_chamber
If you view the cross-sectional image to the right, you will see a manhole inspection chamber with a branch drain entering it. Half-channel pipes are used within the chamber, and the floor of the chamber is sloped so that any accumulation of foul water will fall back into the half-channels. This sloping of the floor is called “Benching” or “Haunching” and is at a gradient of not less than 1 in 6. Benching should rise vertically from the edge of the channel to a height not less than that of the main drain and should be wide enough for a person to stand on.
Euro Plumbing offer manhole inspection and repair services. For maintenance or cleaning services please visit our drain unblocking and maintenance services.

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My Name:
I want to claim my $ 50!
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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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