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Commercial Drainlaying

Commercial Drainage
Experience is key when it comes to commercial drainlaying. Seeing challenges and processes in advance can save you thousands of dollars before the job even starts.
Euro Plumbing employ a fulltime QS streamlining your tender process. Whether its commercial plumbing, commercial Gasfitting or Drainage. Euro Plumbing have the experience, machinery and manpower to accommodate commercial clients with almost any large scale job.

Commercial Drainage with areas of expertise

Euro Plumbing have been involved in the following commercial relevant drainage works:

  • Public and council work (Manukau and Auckland city registered ALC approved)
  • Subdivisions and housing complexes
  • Road and pedestrian drainage
  • Multi-storey building and warehouse drainage solutions
  • Large retaining wall drainage and subsoil solutions
  • Large residential homes
  • Septic, detention and retention storm water systems
  • Expereince includes drainage pipe size systems from 100mm – 1000mm +. Not limited to pipe brand or material
Experience and Qualifications

Unlike residential drainage, before engaging a commercial drainlayer the following questions need to be asked.

  1. Is the drainlayer qualified to do the job?
  2. Does the drainlayer know how to do the job?
  3. Is the drainlayer capable to do the job?
These questions are important for several reasons, in Auckland for example a certifying drainlayer is not necessary allowed to work on public sewer and storm water lines. Despite being registered, drainlayers must be ALC registered and approved especially in Manukau City. Additionally many registered drainlayers don’t have the required expertise and experience to manage a commercial level drainage job over pricing quotes and sometimes underquoting causing unnecessary complications during construction by handing in variations.
Euro Plumbing can offer commercial clients the following:

  • Certifying drainlayers with years of experience in the commercial drainage sector.
  • ALC (Auckland) registered and approved
  • Reasonable turnaround time on large tenders at most competitive rates
  • Experience with large concrete pipe and manhole installations
  • Company owned machinery including trucks and excavators (up to 12 tonne)
  • Site safe registered and qualified health and safety representative
  • 10 Million dollar public liability
  • All required policies (as per the next heading)
Health and Safety

With Euro Plumbing safety is paramount and our main concern during any works is to protect the public and employees. Please find a brief list of our policies as follows:

  • Health and Safety policy including risk assessment, planning and implementation image in full size to right of bullet points public_drainage, please make it work with the size and content
  • Quality control policy
  • Hazard management plan
  • Traffic and pedestrian management plans and implementation
  • Confined space and working in heights policy
  • Trenching and excavation policy including trench shoring
Just to outline a few considerations when Euro Plumbing is working on a commercial drainage site: Fencing: Excavations carried out at any place to which the public has or might gain access must be guarded to avoid danger to people. A fence , 1 meter high, or a combination of signs, barriers, lights, markers, flags or sentries may be necessary to provide adequate protection.If an excavation is likely to collect or retain water to such a depth that it will constitute a hazard to others in the vicinity, the excavation will be covered or fenced off during times when employees are not present.
Notices and warning signs: All work carried out on a road must have the approval of the road controlling authority before work starts, Euro Plumbing are qualified in assessing and providing full traffic control services. Although temporary warning signs will be erected and traffic exercised in accordance with the requirements set out in the publication working_on_the_road, available here for download. Where construction vehicles or plant use public thoroughfares, notices must be placed at all exits and entrances to the work area to warn all persons in the vicinity.
Protection from falling objects: Where the public pass in close proximity to excavation work, barricades, overhead protection, enclosed walkways or other means of protection must be provided. Walkways or bridges, if used, must be designed with sound engineering practice. Where a risk of falling exists, guardrails and midrails must be provided.
Protective helmets, goggles and hearing protection: Hard hats must be worn both in and out of the excavation. Adequate overhead protection must be provided where an employee could be injured by objects falling from above. Eye protection must be provided where employees are exposed to excessive noise.
Euro Plumbing strictly follow company and client given policies, on completion of all works certification and as-building are provided (in CAD format on request). In most cases surveyed plans are charged at an additional cost. Euro Plumbing can be employed to design drainage solutions, a larger curriculum is available on request. Fro more information please contact our drainage consultants on 0800 TEAM EURO or email drainage@europlumbing.co.nz.

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I want to claim my $ 50!
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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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