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CCTV and Drain Unblocking

Euro Plumbing a wide range of CCTV and drain unblocking services


Blockages are fairly rare. This is because:

  • Modern materials are manufactured to demanding standards,
  • Drainage is installed by skilled drainlayers in a licensed trade, and
  • This is an effective inspection system.
These factors ensure a trouble –free sewerage system, which goes a long way to protecting the general health and well-being of a community. However, blockages do occur and when they do you are suddenly required to unblock and clean them!


A blockage is caused by an obstruction to the flow of sewage in the pipe. There may be a total stoppage when nothing will flow away, or a partial stoppage when the sewage flows away very slowly.

When a blockage does occur, it is generally found that

  • Some foreign object has mysteriously entered the drain. Children are major offenders when it comes to poking foreign objects down drains.
  • Tree roots have entered the drain through a crack of failed joint due to ground settlement, or
  • Broken or badly aligned pipes have a lip obstruction that snags material in the sewage flow. When this happens the pipes soon fill, and foul water flows out of the drain at the lowest inlet. This is usually at the gully trap closest to the sewer connection or at the fresh air inlet (boundary trap or FAI) when one is installed.
That drains are partially blocked may become evident when the toilet bowl fills to a higher level than normal after being flushed, or when air is seen or heard bubbling back through the water seal.


The location of inspection openings is made easier is the plan of the drain is available. We strongly recommend you inspect your LIM report for more details on your drainage system prior to booking a technician. However, a drainlayer who understands drainage layouts and uses a probing rod will have little trouble in tracing the line of the drain and locating the inspecting openings, unless the depth of the drain does not allow so.

Locating the position of a blockage is a process of elimination. Euro Plumbing will first inspect the disconnector trap (DT), then the toilet bowl it is on the ground floor. If the toilet bowl is clear but the FAI is overflowing, the blockage is probably at the interceptor trap and the sewer. Interceptor traps have a tendency to block, so this is a good place to start. If the interceptor trap is clear then the blockage must be further up the drain. However, if the sewage is backed up at the interceptor trap then either the trap is the problem or the blockage in on the sewer side of the trap.

PLEASE NOTE: In many cases blockages could be the local authorities responsibility, enabling you to on charge any costs. Hence using experienced Drain Unblockers is strongly recommended making the prognosis and recommending the right remedy. Saving you Hugh costs that could accumulate through the process.

Watterjetting: This form of drain cleaner is fast gaining in popularity. All the operator has to do is feed the hose down the drain. Backward facing nozzles then propel the hose down the pipe under its own power. Although not suitable for cutting tree roots, it has the capacity to use hot water to free frozen drains or to introduce detergent to breakup fat deposits.

Stubborn Blockages: If we can’t clear the blockage by rodding, the distance to the blockage is measured from the length of cleaning rod inserted in the drain. Sometimes excavation will be required to open the drain properly and access as required. Once the blockage is removed that section of pipe will be replaced and a new inspection point installed.

Closed Circuit TV: This is another means of inspection. It is particularly useful for inspecting the interior of a drain which has a history of blocking. Once the cause is identified the offending part of the drain is opened up and repaired. CCTV is also very handy to located Stormwater and Sewer pipes before doing other works such as drilling holes to build a deck or excavation when required.


PRICE: $ 340.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Our $235.75 charge includes 1 hour Hydro Blasting which in most cases with unblock the nastiest of common causes.

CCTV 1 HOUR (Drain inspections and locating services)

PRICE: $ 310.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

1This includes one hour of CCTV to investigate a blockage which cannot be resolved with common unblocking methods or to locate existing services whenever required. The marking of pipework with pegs is included, accurate depths and distances can be provided.


PRICE: $ 510.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

In many cases the initial phone-call or booking might be just to unblock a drain. Sometimes this is not as straight forward as we would like to be and an additional CCTV inspection is required because the blockage cannot be remedied. In such cases you are able to upgrade to the “combo” which will save you cost purchasing each service separately. Alternatively if you feel a CCTV will be required anyway, book this service straight away. Our drain unblocking pricing structure is as follows: All pricing INCL GST:

  • Minimum Charge, which includes various hand tools (No machinery) > $180.00
  • If a Hydro blaster is required > > $340.00>> in most cases Hydro Blasting can solve the issue. Sometimes damaged pipe or serious tree root penetrations in the drainage system might call for a CCTV inspection
  • If a CCTV inspection is required (Up to one hour) >> $310.00
  • In some cases the technician might recommend Hydro Blasting and a CCTV survey.  If applicable, our combo deal  is available for >> $510.00
CCTV result dependent a quote for remedy can be provided without further investigation cost. If the CCTV and drain unblock are not successful an excavation to expose the sewer or storm-water pipe is required. Once exposed our technicians can advise on the issue and provide a quote to remedy, The cost to excavate is circa $65/meter (conditions apply). For more information about our drain unblocking and drainage service please visit our drainage section on this website.

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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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