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Some DIY plumbing work :/

July 28, 2015

DIY_plumbingNew renovation but it seems the builder or property owner have experimented with some DIY. Your average Joe might not notice the faults in this image but we from Euro Plumbing sure do 🙂

Sewer pipe and stack layouts on residential properties are critical to ensure a reliable functioning sewer system. We get called out after hours and on weekends way to often because of blockages and damage caused by the offending DIY.

In this instance a new toilet connection was added to the stack, the larger pipe on the left hand side has been reduced from 100mm to 80mm in the direction of flow which is a big no no and against basic regulations. additionally, instead of using purpose designed fittings to enable a smooth connection onto the exiting stack, holes have been drilled and the pipe simply inserted causing an internal spigot which will catch toilet paper and who knows what ultimately causing a blockage.  No access points have been provided and a T-junction has been used instead of a Y-junction to pick up the original toilet.

I would have also only used one plumbquick at the top making a glued connection at the bottom. As it currently stands one rubber connector is basically carrying all the weight, not UV rated, its not a question, WHETHER bu WHEN it fail.

I see things like this all the time and ion most cases its because people want to save cash. Are they going to save through? Maybe the property owner has no clue and the contractor is the cowboy.. Who knows.. On thing is for sure though.. a COWBOY did it.

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