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Definition of a Greasetrap – costs and advice

August 10, 2016

Grease trap: Of all the organic matter that passes into a drain, grease is perhaps the worst. The oils and fats it contains take a long time to decompose and become smelly. Being sticky, they cling to the surface of drains, sewers, and soakage systems, often blocking them. In certain manufacturing processes, the fat discharge is relatively clean, and it’s worth recovering and selling for such purposes as soap manufacture.greasetrapA Greasetrap is necessary where:

  • Waste water, from a sink, discharges to a soakage system without any preliminary treatment.
  • Waste water is likely to contain grease.

A grease trap is not usually installed in a domestic foul water drainage system connected to a sewer.

A grease trap works by holding hot water and allowing it to cool down so that any fats solidify. The fat or grease then floats on the surface of the water in the trap and is removed from time to time.


How do I size a Greasetrap?

G13 / A52 sets out the capacity requirements for grease traps.

A grease trap should be at least twice the capacity of the fittings that discharge into it. Its capacity must also be enough to cope with the frequency of discharge and the temperature reached. The minimum capacity is 100 litres. You can buy small ready made traps. Larger, purpose-made grease traps may be made up from concrete or stainless steel. Perforated trays make the grease easier to remove.

Trays aren’t needed if the grease traps are cleaned by mechanical means.

A consent to discharge trade wastewater must be obtained from a Trade Waste Officer of your relevant Territorial Authority. This should be issued prior to any installation of pre-treatment equipment. Annual fees are payable and regular inspections are made.

Euro Plumbing can size and recommend several brands suitable for various applications. We have a team that specializes in greasetrap maintenance, repairs and servicing. For costs on new greasetrap installation or advice on council consents please dont hesitate to give us a ring.

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