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Commerical gasfitting “knowhow”

January 28, 2015

commercial_gas_fire_placeI’m not allowed to name the location of this fireplace but you can be rest assured It’s a very high value venue. With such a venue also comes a minimum expectation, one of which is to expect “the fire place” to work when required! This fireplace was custom designed and built for its application over 8 years ago. Now many years down the line it has started playing up with the following symptoms:

  • 1 of three burners randomly goes out and will not re-light. The fireplace consists of three burners in total
  • Sometimes ignition works and sometimes it doesn’t

Before approaching Euro Plumbing this client had several gas fitters look at what the problem might be and had the most unappealing quotes to repair. these went into the 1000’s! :/

Eventually Euro Plumbing got called to the job and after thorough reinvestigation it was confirmed that one of the three gas safety controllers has failed.  We immediately ordered a new controller, installed, fired up and now the fireplace is working, at a cost of just a few hundred dollars. To my surprise though 2 weeks later we get another phone saying the same fault has appeared again! After pulling the fireplace apart again we established the now the new controller had failed causing the same issue. This required us to dig deeper and find the true cause behind this repetitive fault. Further gas and temperature tests revealed that the within the cavity of the electronics temperatures were exceeding the recommended value recommended by the electronic manufacturer.  To conclude this repair a cooling system was designed and integrated to ensure temperatures remain stable and enable a smooth application on demand! When employing commercial gas fitters make sure your not paying for experimental repairs.

Employ a specialist and save $$$.

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