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Underfloor Heating

Heat Emitter Upside Downside
In-Floor Central Heating under_floor_heating
  1. Even temperature distribution
  2. Lower running costs once at operating temperature
  3. No air movement or duct noise.
  4. No space in room taken up by heating system.
  5. Healthy, as no airborne particles are blown around (fewer dust mites)
  6. Can be combined with domestic hot water systems.
  7. Can be combined with other system components such as radiators or convectors
  8. The System is well suited to independent zone control, which can be electronic or manually operated.
  1. Generally a slow response time.
  2. Some types of floor coverings can impede heat transfer.
  3. No flexibility once installed.
  4. Floor penetrations to be avoided or carefully planned.
  5. Full slab insulation recommended
  6. Can only operate on low temperatures requiring more controls if domestic hot water and radiators are to be combined
  7. Not a licenced industry in NZ making it prone to cowboys
For Radiator Central Heating Solutions please follow this link
Water in-floor heating systems consist of plastic (cross-linked-polyethylene) pipe laid in circuits in a floor screed or embedded within the slab, through which low temperature hot water is passed. The hot water is circulated at a lower temperature than for other forms of heating and provides even heat distribution across the whole installed area.
Heated floors act like a massive radiator heating all object and people in the room in a gentle, even manner. The room heats the bottom up, heating the feet and the body first.

  • euro_plumbing_central_heating_van Gas boilers, LPG and Natural gas system boilers, condensing technology highly recommended
  • Diesel boilers, very efficient and suitable for rural applications
  • Heat Pumps (hydronic)
  • Solar or solar assisted (Solar collector combined with one of the heat sources listed above)
  • Oil fired burners (vaporising and forced draught)
underfloor_heating_service Want to save CASH on operating costs with your existing Heating System? It’s time to get a SERVICE! To book your Service for only $299 all including, please bookhere



100Sqm Boiler

PRICE: $ 12999.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

200Sqm Boiler

PRICE: $ 15999.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

300Sqm Boiler

PRICE: $ 19999.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Method of installation: 150mm centres bathroom areas 200mm centres living areas
Control Panel: 5@100m, 10@200, 15@300 Circuit Manifold
Thermostatic control: 1 Slab thermostat
Included is the following:
  • In-floor Pipework supply and installation
  • Control Panel including pump, Manifolds, air vent, pressure vent, pressure gauge in in-wall cabinet supply and installation
  • Gas boiler supply and installation, including plumbing and Gasfitting certifications
  • 1 x air thermostat controller supply only
  • Commissioning of system
  • Customer education visit
  • All electrical instructions, colour coded heating drawings, producer statements and warranties
** Conditions: It is the owners / builders responsibility to supply power to control panel, boiler an room thermostat. Electrical services not included but can be provided by Euro Plumbing.
Please note: All packages above are based on GAS LPG / NG and can be upgraded to a HEATPUMP option where gas is less desirable. Combination systems such as solar or heatpumps + gas are also available and can offset cost as preheaters.

Replace Manifold

PRICE: $ 3400.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Well engineered robust construction and slim dimensions facilitate fixing in narrow wall spaces. This special includes the removal of your existing (damaged or aged) manifold.
Manifold set includes:
  • Supply and installation
  • High EU quality and a 3 year warranty
  • Electrical work to rewire relay and thermostat (limited to 1 hour)
  • Fully system service (repair or replacement of defect elements outside this scope are not included)
  • Combined flow meter and quick-stop
  • 2x 1" isolating ball valves with washers
  • 2x combination isolating / venting and drain valves with washers
  • Galvanised brackets with sound insulation inserts
  • Labels for identifying circuits
  • 1x balancing key
  • 1x set of fixing screws
Please note that we highly recommend a yearly system service on your new manifold system to ensure a long life span. Euro Plumbing offer maintenance schedules. Below you will be able to book such a service, alternatively please contact us on 0800 TEAM EURO or heating@europlumbing.co.nz

Pipe Repair

PRICE: $ 399.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Accidentally hot an underfloor heating pipe? Don’t panic! Euro Plumbing have developed specialised skills to expose and repair such sections.

This service includes the following:

  • Concrete cutting and carful exposure
  • Draining of system and ingress protection
  • Repair of damaged section with specialised joiners
  • Electrolysis protection
  • Re-pressurisation and commissioning

System service not included and can be purchased at a discounted rate of $149.


underfloor_heating_vs_radiators For those building a new home with a solid concrete floor, you have the option of under-floor and/or radiators. When retro-fitting, under floor is not really a viable option so you will be looking at radiators. Both systems offer exceptional comfort but which system is best? The answer is simple: the system which most suits your home and your lifestyle,

  • Both systems will cost similar amounts to have installed and both provide very similar heat characteristics to your home, though under floor is warm on your feet.
  • Under floor costs less to run per hour, but more over a full winter period than radiators. This is because under floor systems take a long time to heat up and are therefore more efficient when run 24/7 throughout the heating season, albeit with the temperature reduced up to 4 degrees at night or while you’re at work. Radiators, on the other hand, are very quick to respond and therefore can be set to run only when you want the heat.
  • With the typical New Zealand-designed floor slab there are some additional design factors that must be applied to ensure the system control is adequate. Good design is critical, and we can help with detailed advice and design assistance.
  • Radiator systems can sometimes be difficult to place in open plan properties particularly those with large areas of glazing.
  • Split systems, part under floor and part radiators, often provide the best solution in two storey homes and homes with large areas of open plan living. A badly designed system will cost more to run and result in an ineffective system.

For more information on radiator systems please follow this link Euro Plumbing offer a combination of several systems which gives yout he best of all worlds, for more information please visit our COMBINATION HEATING PAGE

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My Name:
I want to claim my $ 50!
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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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