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Solar Heating

Solar Heating Made Easy With Euro Plumbing

So much has been written about solar energy! The power of the sun has been harnessed and used for thousands of years for heating and cooking and scientists have always been keenly interested in making more efficient use of those golden rays that drench the Earth each and every day providing light and warmth to everyone.

Euro Plumbing Ltd. specialises in Solar Heating Systems and can advise on the right system for you.There are several different systems available and we can advise on:

  • Photo Voltaic Solar
  • Retrofitted Solar Systems Thermal
  • Direct or indirect systems Thermal
  • Thermo-siphon or pumped, (Active), systems
  • Solar Heating combination Central Heating
  • Advise on which systems are EECA certified and provide the savings you looking for



PRICE: $ 517.50 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Missed our servicing your Solar Heating system? Here is a great opportunity! Book a full solar heating system service which will include the following:

  • Full visual inspection of Cylinder, valves, pipework and panels
  • Cleaning of solar panels (disconnection of downpipes if tanked water supply)
  • Testing of valves and controls
  • Testing of pumps and heat exchanger
  • Testing of expansion tank and re-pressurising as required.
  • Replacing glycol and re-pressurising as required

Please note that replacing faulty elements within the system is not included in the above service. If faults are found our technician will advise prior to commencement.


PRICE: $ 4999.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

A well-priced system that will get you straight on track of guaranteed return on investment! Installed today SAVINGS tomorrow! solarheating_europlumbing_van As electrical licenced certifying plumbers and gasfitters you will only be dealing with one company. One company means you’re not paying a margin to the middle man giving you ultimate savings on the complete installation. This solar heating package is designed for your everyday hot water user. The following specifications apply:

  • 20 Euro Ware evacuated tubes (please download attached file to see benefits FLATPLATE VS EVACUATED TUBE) >> No. of people: 1 – 4, suitable for 135L and 180L hot water cylinders
  • Kits include powder coated aluminium and Rockwool insulated manifold, powder coated marine grade aluminium alloy frame, triple spluttered 58mm diameter evacuated tubes, 3 speed bronze Wilo pump, fully automatic smart
  • Retro-fitted to existing hot water cylinder, including all components. commissioning and certification
  • Extra components – System and relay controls including electrical work.
  • Producer statements and certification
commercial_poolheating The installation of a solar water heating system as a pre-heater to a continuous flow gas water heater and then to central heating / domestic supply system has the advantage of the solar system always having the coolest water possible to heat, and the household never running out of hot water. Being free solar is a very desirable source of energy especially if it can be used to pre-heat your central heating once your domestic supply is satisfied. Speak to Euro Plumbing about your options and how you and your family can start saving money with a system customised to your needs giving you the best of three worlds!
SOLAR POOL HEATING Euro Plumbing offer repair and installation services for all common solar pool heating systems in New Zealand. For more information please contact us on 0800 TEAM EURO
Solar water heating systems are an investment in your future both economically and environmentally and can be installed in new buildings, retrofitted to your existing hot water cylinder or installed when replacing an old worn out cylinder. Installing a solar water heating system is not expensive and you may qualify for Govt. Assistance and an easy finance package to make installing an approved system a quick and simple exercise. What does this mean for you and your home?
  • Today you can have an effective and realistically priced means of meeting most or all of your household or commercial energy requirements for water and environmental heating.
  • Whether you are building new or retro-fitting an existing home there is a system to suit.
Water heating typically makes up 30% of your household energy bill. A well designed and installed solar water heating system will provide 50-75% of your hot water needs. Installing a good solar water heating system can:
  • Lower your energy bills.
  • Add value to your home.
  • Help protect the environment.
Contact Euro Plumbing Ltd. today to discuss how Solar Heating can add value to your home and save up to 60% or more on your water heating bill!

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I want to claim my $ 50!
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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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