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Circulating Pumps

Circulating pumps (repair and replacement services)

circulation_pump_repairThese pumps, which are very small compact and light, have been specially developed for this purpose. They are driven by an electric motor with low power consumption. Being glandless, they are unlikely to develop leaks and require no lubrication. They are very quiet and do not cause annoyance even at night. Since the pump is the heart of the forced circulation system and failure closes the whole system down, it is placed in the cooler water of the return line. This means that it is not subjected to high temperatures which could cause expansion of the inner moving parts, creating excessive friction and an early failure. The pump may be wired up to a control panel through a room thermostat. As the air temperature reaches the desired degree, the thermostat shuts off the circulating pump. The boilers thermostat senses a rise in the water temperature and also closes down. On larger systems, more complex controls are used.


In the case of a two or multi-storey building, there is a possibility that a pump located on the return pipe could cause a negative pressure in the high level pipe. To prevent this, the pump should be fitted on the flow pipe.


Irrespective of whether the pump is fitted on the flow or return pipe, the supply and expansion pipe must be fitted between the boiler and the pump.


Circulation Pumps are typically used in the following applications:


  • Solar Heating installations, managed by a relay to switch on/off depending of demand
  • Flow and return lines, typically found on central heating pipe systems or manifolds.
  • Ring Mains, managed by a sensor typically measuring temperatures in storage tanks, maintaining an even temperature throughout an installation reducing hot water draw-off time.
  • 2 + level installations, maintaining storage water levels to supply system
  • Commercial applications


As specialists in the above applications, Euro Plumbing has replaced and installed hundreds of circulation pumps. As the “heart” of a system the circulation pump in always underestimated as far as how hard it needs to work. Its critical these pumps are installed correctly to prevent short term repairs or even serious system damage.


What leads to damaged circulation pumps?


  • The wrong pump is installed > the installer needs to make sure the correct pump is installed for the correct application. There common types would apply, hot water rated, cold water rated and high temperature rated. In most cases it’s important to know whether a Bronze, steel of even nickel pated body is required, depending on application and water quality.
  • Pump is installed in the incorrect location > Commonly installed in the coldest part of the system. Pump tend to Pull and Push. Direction and connections sizes are critical.


If your circulation pump has failed and needs repair / replacing, there is a reason why. Euro Plumbing will determine the reason for the fault and ensure the new pump is not or less affected ensuring longer life operation.


Circulating Pump

PRICE: $ 549.00 including (GST incl) *conditions apply Book Now

Included is:

  • Bronze body (hot water and high temp) 3-speed pump
  • Typical applications: solar, underfloor heating, central heating
  • Low noise factor
  • Installation including required plumbing to remove and install new pump in same location, if existing location does not comply, you will be advised prior to begin.


Echnological specifications

Frequency – 50 Hertz

Voltage –240 Volt

Power – 46 watt or 67 watt or 100 watt

Overall Dimension (in cm) – 14cm X 15cm X 13cm

Rating – continuous

Maximum capacity – 25 liter per hour or 40 liter per hour or 65 liter per hour

Current – 0.4 ampere

Maximum temperature - 40°C

Maximum head lift – 3 meter or 5 meter or 6 meter

Warranty – 1 year

Please note: With some applications the existing system might need to be drained down or a service must take place. This is not included in the special and will require a site visit to confirm total cost. For larger or different specification pumps including house hold pumps please call us for a no-obligation quote on 0800 TEAM EURO or pumps@europlumbing.co.nz.

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I want to claim my $ 50!
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Please note: This offer only applies if the original quote is provided, it’s important to make sure we are comparing “apples with apples”.

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