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Central Heating Boiler Repair And Replacements

August 7, 2017

Let’s face it – the last thing you want to have happen in this cold weather is to have your Central Heating give up the ghost! As Murphy’s Law would have it – you are more likely to have an issue with your central heating in the middle of winter when you really need to be warm than in the middle of summer when central heating is a distant memory.

When it all goes wrong and you’re wondering what on earth to do – what can you expect from a central heating boiler service from Euro Plumbing? Well first of all, servicing is just one of the many services that Euro Plumbing can provide for you as a home owner with central heating. Along with servicing, we also can troubleshoot, provide maintenance, complete gas repairs and fix and upgrade most boilers that are available in New Zealand.

However, back to servicing – what can you expect?

First, Euro Plumbing staff take pride in making sure that they treat your home just as if it were their own. Then, the service will start with a visual check to make sure that the boiler, associated pipework and flue are installed and positioned correctly. The general operation of the boiler is then observed and a check for correct ventilation is also carried out if required.

We will then remove the boiler casing to take a look at its components. The boiler will be checked that it is working safely and efficiently. Your service will include:

> A visual inspection
> Testing of values and controls
> Flue gas analysis
> Efficiency analysis
> Burning tests
> Professional clean of fan and flue (or other elements as needed)
> Electrical test
> Full flush and replacement of water and inhibitor
> Test and commission.

Your technician will tell you if the boiler does not meet any relevant building and gas safety regulations. Euro Plumbing take pride in making sure we explain any repairs or maintenance work that needs to happen and ensure that any parts used are genuine parts matched to your boiler.

How much time does a service take? Most boiler services last around half an hour. If you are happy with every element of the service your technician has carried out, then we will ask you to sign a job sheet confirming such.

Finally, we will fill in the boiler service record which is part of the installation and service manual. This document is needed if you ever need to book a repair visit whilst your boiler is in warranty.

What if issues are found during your service that require replacements to be made? Euro Plumbing will only ever advise that replacements should be made when your boiler is no longer safe to keep operating or if the components are irreparable. We have access to all major brands of boilers in New Zealand and will advise you of the costs involved, and give you all options so you can make the choice that fits in-line with your budget.

Often, homeowners will know that there is an issue with their central heating but won’t know to what extent the issues are. Recently, we were asked to investigate issues with underfloor heating not working at a customer’s home. On arrival, we found that the flow and return was not correctly piped out to the first manifold. On top of this, the tempering valve was faulty and missing parts. We fired both boilers up and all seem to be working well and heating up water to 3rd manifold that had no issues.

After compiling the issues and advising our customer we prepared a quote for changing the over flow and return to one manifold. It was agreed that we would replace one tempering valve on a separate manifold.

And we had another happy Euro Plumbing customer enjoying their underfloor heating again.

No matter what kind of central heating system you have in your home or workplace, Euro Plumbing are equipped to provide you with full troubleshooting, servicing, maintenance and replacement options. Even if you have not used Euro Plumbing before for your central heating or plumbing needs, give us a call on 0800 TEAM EURO and see how we can assist in keeping you warm and cosy this winter!

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