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Burst Water Pipe and Flood for Xmas :(

January 5, 2015

burst_water_pipeIts to 2AM on the 25th of December and the phone rings. Admittedly I ignored the phone for the first 15 minutes but eventually I did pick up to speak to very upset existing client which woke up to his first floor home level completely flooded. Water had been running for over 1 hour whilst he was desperately trying to find the water meter to switch the water main off. Coincidentally Euro Plumbing did some plumbing work on this property  2 weeks prior to this so he automatically assumed we were at fault and did not hesitate to make that clear in the conversation. Euro Plumbing responded instantly by sending out the on call emergency plumber. Within 20 min the plumber had arrived, investigated, found and repaired the fault which was an existing pipe that had bust inside the wall. Completely unrelated to what was done several week ago. It was also determined that the property did not have a limiting valve which prevents over pressure sometimes caused by the utility provider. After completion Euro Plumbing  provided a full report for insurance. Despite this horrible Xmas day the client was very appreciative of our response time and professionalism!

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