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What is a bidet?

May 20, 2016

BidetWell folks it’s now 2016 and we just had an inquiry from a customer asking about us installing a “bum gun”.  We couldn’t help giggling at the term, so friends do you think we should now refer to our bidets as “bum guns”?  You see you going to be hearing the word and seeing bidets more and more as they are now becoming quite popular world wide. What is a bidet? Basically it is a low sink you sit on after using the toilet and you wash with soap and water rather than just wipe with toilet paper.

It was actually invented in the 17th century, and no surprises, in France. No one knows who invented it. The word bidet came from the 15th century where it is actually a pet pony in France. Quite an apt word to use in calling the invention when you do actually straddle the sink, like you would a horse. In 1980 Japan got hold of it then it started off other countries. It is now common in Europe, the Middle East, China and a few others.

So a few questions answered, no it doesn’t replace toilet paper, you wipe first then shift over to the bidet and have a wash, there is normally a towel next to the bidet to dry, (remember this when visiting where you see one what that towel next to the bidet is used for) or just dry with more toilet paper, although you can find them now that air dry you. Yes it is hygienic, you already after all share showers and toilets, think of it that way. You sit on it backwards generally so you can control the buttons or taps, straddling like a horse.

People that may be very interested in it are mothers after giving birth when keeping “down there” clean as possible to prevent infection is paramount. Those with medical issues “down there” can find bidets less abrasive than toilet paper. The older community who need extra help “down there” and then there are those who have actually tried one, understand its value and want one in their own home.

Now bidets are becoming popular worldwide there is more variety in types. You know longer need to install a full bidet in your bathroom where most people don’t have room, you can now buy attachments to your existing toilet. They are now coming out with more options such as adjustable pressure, air drying and so forth. They are also becoming more and more affordable as there popularity grows worldwide.

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