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Auckland Leaky Water Main Replacement

December 20, 2021

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is a pipe bursting and causing a leak, but one of the least expected in the water main. People tend to forget that their water comes in from somewhere and this system is not immune to issues. Depending on what material the water main pipe is made from and the severity of the leak, a full replacement may be needed.

How to spot a leaky water main

We recently had a call from a Mission Bay homeowner who was shocked to find their water bill was far greater than expected. This is typically how most people discover a water mains leak, as the damage may not be obvious.


If your water bill is higher than normal and you suspect a leak here’s one method to check on your own. First ensure no taps or appliances are using any water. Next find your houses water meter, under a labelled blue or black lid in front of your property. Lift the lid and read the dial on the meter. If the number continues to increase despite no water being actively used, then this could be a sign of leak. The next step is to call a plumber, who can help find the source of the leak.

Repair or replace?

Depending on the material your water main pipes are constructed from, and the extent of the damage a repair may not be viable. Generally, it is easier and cheaper to replace a water main than it is to repair a section.


Replacing a water main can be relatively straight forward and simple. A recent job at a Mission Bay home saw us replacing a pipe that ran the length of the client’s lawn and under their concrete path. What surprised the client was how non-invasive the process was.

Sometimes the water main travel a path that cannot be easily accessed, such as mentioned, under concrete. To avoid cutting the concrete we apply a variety of methods, such as thrusting. Thrusting allows us to thread a pipe under a house or pavement without damaging it. Allowing us to leave no trace after a job.

In this mission bay home, we were able to use our new grundomat tool, which is used for boring horizontal holes. Overall, the job left the client extremely pleased, as there was no damage left to the property.

As Watercare approved technicians we take pride in our work. Hopefully this can help ease your mind when in comes to replacing a water main. The process overall is rather straight forward, requiring the old water main to be removed and replaced with a new one. A bonus piece of information is that once your water main has been replaced, Watercare Auckland can refund your extra water bill caused by the leak.

If you suspect a leak in your home, and you fear it is your water main then please do not hesitate to call the professionals. Call 0800 832 638 or contact us online to start speaking to one of or experts.

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