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October 2, 2019

The basic concept of central heating is quite simple – you need to install a boiler or an easy-to-control furnace that’s fueled by gas. Install your boiler in a handy place like your kitchen or bathroom. This uses water that moves by an electrically powered pump and carries heat into radiators in all your other rooms inside your house. It’s simple, convenient, and efficient. Plus, even winter days become truly joyful and comfortable.

European Style Central Heating Solutions In Auckland

There are a plethora of choices for you to explore when it comes to central heating specialists in Auckland. Are you searching for European style central heating solutions in Auckland? Look no further than Euro Plumbing. We provide a vast array of solutions for you to choose from. Euro Plumbing offers excellent services for central heating – installation, maintenance, and repair.

Euro Plumbing provides only the best products and services this side of New Zealand. We install, maintain, and repair your heating systems, and we specialise in central heating systems. You can rest assured in our guarantee of professional services and high quality heating products.

Central Heating Controller

Central heating involves one central heating source. For instance, a heat pump or boiler supplies heat to the entire house. This includes domestic hot water supply. Central heating is designed to maintain an even temperature throughout the home or building.

This heating system is the ultimate one as the total cost to supply and install it is nearly the same as conventional systems. The only difference is the heat pump or gas powered central heating systems are cheaper and more reliable to run, not to mention the healthier alternative for the whole family.

Euro Plumbing Specialise in Hydronic Central Heating

Euro Plumbing specialise in hydronic central heating. This is different from heat pump technology or heat pump central heating. Why should you go with hydronic central heating? Read on and learn why hydronic heating is more desirable than heat pump heating.

Air Heat Pump vs. Hydronic

Central Heating usually refers to a system where a central heat source provides the required heat, which is then transferred by suitable medium to the areas where the heat is required. The most common mediums used for heat transfer are air and water.

Deciding which heat source it suitable will fully depend on your circumstances and requirements. Euro Plumbing can assist you with the decision on selecting the correct heat source for your applications.

Heat Sources can consist of the following:

Gas Heaters (condensing or non-condensing system boilers) come in variety of designs, for example flued, unflued starting at 18KW up to 150 KW. Combination boilers can also heat your traditional domestic water supply and can be to %150 efficient!

Heat pumps (hydronic designs) can be installed as either a localised heat source or whole home ducted system as required. Heat pump hot water systems are used for central heating and domestic hot water supply. Euro Plumbing specialise in HYDRONIC water heating heat pump systems.

Oil and or oil/Diesel mixes are popular in rural areas and can be used for centralised space and domestic hot water supply.

Why Choose Hydronic Heating?

In New Zealand, the following Central Heating systems can be designed and installed depending on requirement:

The first one is an open system, where the system is vented to open atmosphere, and supplied with make-up water from a feed and expansion tank.

The second one is a closed system, where the system is not open vented but deals with expansion by means of an air bladder expansion tank, and over pressure by means of a relief valve. Make-up water is supplied via an appropriate pressure reducing valve, and backflow protection is required if a permanent connection is made.

The third one is a gravity system relies on thermosiphonic forces to circulate the hot water in the system and the cooling water is returned to the heat source by gravity.

The fourth one is a forced system, where the hot water is circulated by a pump, then returned to the heat source.

2 Types of Central Heating Systems in New Zealand

Euro Plumbing specialise in two types of Central Heating systems commonly used in New Zealand.

Euro Plumbing install Underfloor Central Heating, Radiator Central Heating, and a combination of both systems, which can include combination boilers and heat pumps.

Euro Plumbing offer Radiator Central Heating System service or repair. We also offer Underfloor Heating System service or repair. If your system consists of both Radiator and Underfloor heating feel free to use any of the above booking methods and advise accordingly.

Euro Plumbing are able to help with the following brand boilers, we generally recommend a yearly service to ensure your appliance is operating at ideal efficiencies and safety saving you considerable repair costs in the long run.

Euro Plumbing installs, repairs, and maintains these central heating system boilers:

  • Bosch system and condensing boilers
  • Vokera vision system and condensing boilers
  • Firebird diesel boilers
  • Fondital condensing boilers
  • Vaillant system and condensing boilers
  • Ferroli system and condensing boilers including commercial grade
  • All brands of multi fuel boilers
  • Baxi system and condensing boilers
  • Hydroflow Immergas condensing gas boilers
  • Keston gas condensing and system boilers
  • Floorad boilers, controls and manifold systems
  • Radtech central underfloor heating systems
  • Aquatherm gas central Heating boilers
  • Euro Plumbing offer yearly maintenance plans

Below we are servicing and adjusting gas pressure on an existing central heating boiler.  Boiler Service


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