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A wonderfull day for plumbing on a boat

February 6, 2015


Who do you call when you’re having plumbing issues on you boat?
You can search the internet for marine plumbing or Plumbers specializing in boats. ..Or you can bookmark our website and next time you need any work done on your boat, you get call specialists right away!

boat_plumbingIn this instance Euro Plumbing was called to a sewer pump that failed. The toilet, shower and basin discharge into a holding tank which is emptied with a sewer pump. If the pump doesn’t work you wont be able to use any of your plumbing. Probably the last thing you want when out at sea. To repair the pump Euro Plumbing had to arrive with mobile vacuum equipment to empty the holding tank first.

boat_sewageOnce the holding tank was empty and clean we were able to replace the faulty pump.  Part of the service is to inspect all existing plumbing. Ensure the pump is operating correctly and reinstate all services. In New Zealand Plumbing and Gasfitting on boats and caravans is regulated  with AS/NZS 5601.1:2013.  Euro Plumbing have extensive knowledge and experience with plumbing and gas related services on boats and caravans.  For more information on extensive services please visit our relative technical page by following this link:  Boat and Caravan services.










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