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6 Things To Check Before Hiring A Commercial Drainlaying Contractor

August 14, 2018

Effective and well installed drainage systems help to protect public health and maintain a pollution-free environment for the community at large.

This is why drainlaying work is generally undertaken within a legal boundary. Any work involving the installation, repair or alteration to a drain must comply with the Building Code.

Central to a correctly installed and well maintained drainage and water disposal system is a licensed or certifying drainlayer. A certifying or licensed drainlayer can lay, alter, repair, extend, reconstruct and open up drains and associated traps as well as connect drains to waste water treatment stations (septic tanks).

Whether you need new pipes laid or existing pipes to be repaired, finding the right contractor for a commercial drainlaying project requires a great deal of research to assure fair pricing, quality workmanship and trust. With a large-scale project at hand, you want to make sure the job is done correctly the first time.

To determine the best among your list of potential contractors, pay close attention to the following details:


Many drainlaying companies offer a range of services such as residential, public, commercial, etc. Obviously, you want someone with enough experience in doing projects of similar specifications and scope to yours.

At Euro Plumbing, we have been involved in a myriad of commercial drainage works including public and council work, road drainage, manhole installations, subsoil drainage solutions, and septic and storm water systems. We have also completed installation and repair of drainage systems for subdivisions, housing complexes, multi-storey buildings and warehouses. In addition to our extensive experience, we also have our own machinery to get the job done as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

As experienced drainlayers, we know the typical processes as well as possible complications that may arise for a particular construction job. Understanding the procedures involved and potential challenges will help you set your expectations, budget and timeframe accordingly.


According to Bureau statistics, more than 90% of drainlaying companies in Auckland go out of business after a five-year mark. With that said, asking a contract how long they have been operating makes sense. Based on their answer, you could tell whether they can offer you the assurance and satisfaction you need. You can also very easily predict their warranties and the quality of their service. A poor performing contractor won’t last very long in this industry.


The Auckland property market has been going through a boom for the past few years, and there’s a ton of construction work going on. Still there’s a limited supply of skills, and it’s become increasingly hard to get good and qualified drainlayers.

There are three types of qualifications: certifying drainlayer (Tier 1), tradesman drainlayer (Tier 2) and journeyman drainlayer (Tier 3).

A certifying drainlayer qualification means that the professional has achieved the highest qualification available. They are qualified and registered to carry out drainlaying work. In addition, they can assure that both their own work and the work of anyone they supervise are done competently.

On the other hand, a tradesman drainlayer is a registered and qualified professional whose work must be supervised by a nominated certifying tradesperson. A journeyman drainlayer has completed a trade qualification but has yet to pass the licensing exam.

For large-scale projects, it’s a good idea to get a certifying drainlayer to ensure the work is done inside a legal boundary. There is just a lot of risks involved so you can’t afford to take chances.

With Euro Plumbing, you have nothing to worry. Our team consists of Watercare registered drainlayers who hold current drainlaying licences and are ALC (Auckland) registered and approved. We are also a Site Safe member.


There are many things that could go wrong in drainlaying work. In case things turn for the worse, you want to make sure you are protected against the damages and potential costs involved. For this reason, all contractors need to carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation.

Euro Plumbing carries 10-million dollar liability insurance. On top of this, we implement carefully drafted policies for public health and safety, quality control, hazard management and traffic and pedestrian management. We also set up worker protection parameters to ensure the safety of our employees while they are working on site.


If you can’t find a fixed price for a particular job on their website, that’s a good sign. Even seasoned drainlayers cannot give a price quote without first verifying the property. They will have to know what’s involved in the project and assess its scope.

Ask for a tailored estimation about cost and time duration specifically for your project. A good drainlaying contractor should be able to offer reasonable turnaround time at a competitive rate. Be sure to ask what is included in their cost structure (e.g. do they charge for travel?) just to avoid confusion and miscalculations.

Be wary of contractors who demand a large payment simply in the name of licence and insurance. That being said, don’t hire the contractor who offers an extremely low price. Most of the time, these are professionals who don’t have enough experience and expertise to manage a commercial level drainage job. They tend to overprice or underquote because they cannot foresee possible variations, which can cause costly complications.


Reputable drainlaying contractors will have positive client reviews. So take note of what their previous customers are saying about their work and professionalism. Are they thorough? Are they always on time? Do they take your calls or answer your questions honestly? Do they have complete equipment? Are they reliable?

If you can’t find reviews, you can always ask the contractor for references of clients who have had similar work done with them. A reputable drainlayer shouldn’t have any problem providing this. Ask as many questions as necessary.

Take time in choosing your commercial drainlayer. That’s better than dealing with a disaster caused by an incompetent contractor. You can start right here at Euro Plumbing – we’re sure you won’t have to look any further.

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