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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Gas heating condensation

When a gas fitting appliance is first ignited the flue is cold, so it absorbs heat from the flue gases, cooling them below their dew point and thus causing condensation inside the flue before the flue gases are expelled.

The condensation runs down the inside of the flue, where a small amount will be reheated and evaporated. This cycle continues until the flue heats up to normal operating temperature, then condensation should stop forming.


Relocate your Gas hob 9KG LPG bottle.

9KG LPG gas bottles.

We get a lot of people asking if their gas bottle is OK in their kitchen, to run their gas hob and/or oven. The answer is essentially no.

The only time it is allowed is if it is in a sealed cupboard vented to the outside. I’ve not come across one like this yet. LPG can be a very dangerous gas and needs to be given the respect it deserves. Due to its makeup, it is a very heavy gas which likes to hang around and does not easily disperse (acts like water).


Emergency Van Rental and Car Rental

Special thanks to James Blond!

At James Blond car hire Auckland Ltd they are used to having companies call at the last minute for an emergency van rental when suddenly theirs are off the road due to mechanical failure or some idiot has driven into our company van meaning it will be in the panel beaters for a week or so.


Closed-system heating

Closed-system heating

A mains pressure system does not have an open vent. It is a closed system. Naturally, when we heat water in a closed system, the water expands and exerts more pressure on the system. If this process were allowed to continue uncontrolled, the system would yield under pressure, so a pressure relief valve is fitted to the cylinder to restrict maximum pressure.


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