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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Solar Water Heating System Sizing

Is your Solar Heating representative giving you the right information? Very often its more about the sale rather then giving you the system design you require. Only later when its too late will you notice that you could have saved more if the system was correctly sized.

Solar Heating Load and System Sizing


High Power bills? Could be your hot water cylinder?

If your power bill suddenly spikes for no other apparent reason, it’s more than likely there’s a problem with your hot water cylinder. There could be a fault with one or more of the valves on your hot water cylinder. It needs attention immediately and may require a new diaphragm, washer or total replacement.


And the Hebel walls are up

The Unique Homes guys are not wasting any time! Despite the weather challenges the fist level is almost complete. hebel_beach_houseIn a few weeks we will be starting the underfloor heating and pipework for the plumbing. To get the plumbing in the walls the Hebel block will have to cut to create a channel to accommodate the pipe, what a mission! Will try to get some images on the inside once the plumbing starts.


Sewage Treatment

The aim of sewage treatment is to remove the bulk of suspended organic matter and provide an end product that is environmentally acceptable for disposal.

Communities situated along the coastline may use milliscreening to remove organic matter prior to discharging the partially treated into the sea.

Inland communities need to provide additional treatment before discharging into a river or lake.


Stormwater drainage traps

Where the stormwater is only rainwater from roofs, the downpipes discharge the water into self-cleansing gully-traps or directly into a drain. Where the stormwater consists of surface washings, it can carry silt, sand, shuingle, and organic litter, such as paper and leaves. You must prevent this silt entering the stormwater drainage system. This is a New Zealand regulation.


Storage/Collector Systems

Did you know that Integrated storage/collector systems can be used to provide solar preheating of warm to hot water in hot-humid climates, if thermal performance is not critical but cost is?

In these systems the storage tank itself acts as the collector. Provided that overnight temperatures are not to low, which is the case in humid tropical areas, if overnight temperatures are low


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