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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Energy efficient water heating solutions

Energy efficient water heating installations

The following fuels can be used to heat water:

  • electricity
  • gas
  • solid fuel, and
  • solar

Electricity and gas

Electricity can heat water with dose to 100 per cent efficiency, bot gas appliances lose some heat to atmosphere as part of the combustion process. However, modern gas appliances can be as much as 95 per cent efficient.


Space heating with solar

In New Zealand, solar is generally used for heating hot water. Space beating with solar currently requires extensive set-up costs, and has not yet become an attractive Option due to this initial outlay cost. These systems must be designed correctly to operate efficiently and only a hand full of companies in New Zealand are competent enough to help with this option.


Warm water central heating / Diesel, Gas and Heatpumps

Warm water central heating systems use water to distribute heat thoroughly and evenly around the home. Water transfers energy at a much higher rate than air. making these systems very efficient.

Combusting boilers burn a fuel–gas, diesel, or wood pellets/logs—and transfer energy into
water. They are ideally used to heat radiators, which usually require high temperatures.


Gas space heating

Gas can be used as an energy source for a number of heating options, for example as the fuel for radiant and convective in-room heaters, or ducted hot air systems.
With gas heaters, appropriately 75 per cent of the energy used is turned into useful heat; with some appliances it is 95 per cent efficient.


Space Heating Systems in New Zealand

In 2007, space heating accounted for approximately 34 per cent of energy use in an average New Zealand house. Therefore, improving the energy efficiency of space heating has the potential to provide significant economic and environmental benefits.
Most New Zealand homes are heated by consuming energy such as electricity, gas, and solid fuels.


Euro Wiki

A new category to provide detail information on Plumbing Gasfitting and drainage. I decided to create an advanced FAQ where you can find detailed information relating to products, tools and materials relating to our industry. I will be updating this section as questions come through, I hope you find this informative.


Sewer and Stormwater Manhole construction

Section 10 of NZS 4452 sets out alternative acceptable solutions for the construction of manholes.

Note: These requirements, previously used by most territorial authorities, may now exceed the performance criteria of NZBC El and G13.

Shape: Manholes may be circular, square or rectangular in plan. Manholes that are circular in plan should have a minimum internal diameter of 1050 mm.


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