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Dux Qest Plumbing in Auckland Homes

Dux Qest Plumbing in Auckland Homes Owning a home in Auckland is a cherished dream for many. It’s a place to build a life, raise a family, and create lasting memories. But for some Auckland homeowners, a silent threat lurks beneath the surface, a potential nightmare hidden within the walls – Dux Qest plumbing. This […]


Common Signs of Water Leaks You Should Never Ignore: Protecting Your Residential Plumbing and Preventing Costly Drain Unblocking

Water leaks can wreak havoc on homeowners, inflicting both immediate and long-term damage while potentially culminating in the inconvenience and expenses associated with drain unblocking. Recognizing the early warning signs of water leaks is of paramount importance in preventing potential disasters. Identifying Water Leak Signs Unexplained Water Bill Increases: Among the most conspicuous red flags […]


5 Steps to Take if You Suspect a Gas Leak in Your Ho

A gas leak is a serious matter that can put your home and your family at risk. It’s important to take immediate action if you suspect a gas leak in your home to prevent the risk of fire, explosion, or carbon monoxide poisoning. Here are the steps you should take if you suspect a gas […]


Euro Plumbing is available for all your plumbing needs in 2023

Whether you have a new home to purchase or are thinking about remodeling your current space, one of the first things you’ll want to tackle is your plumbing. After all, what good is a beautiful home without functional plumbing? Thankfully, Euro Plumbing has you covered no matter what your needs may be. With our extensive […]


Experience the Best Gas Fitting Services with Euro Plumbing!

  Are you looking for reliable and professional gas fitting services? You’re in luck because Euro Plumbing is here to provide you with the best gas fitting services you could ever ask for. Euro Plumbing is a professional plumbing and gas fitting company that has been in the business for over 20 years. They have […]


How Leak Detection Solutions Can Help You Spot Watermain Leaks Quickly

Leaks can be a serious problem in any property, and watermain leaks are no exception. If not identified and fixed quickly, they can cause water damage, mold, and other issues. Leak detection solutions can help you identify and locate watermain leaks quickly and accurately. In this blog, we will explore what leak detection is, the […]


How high is the water pressure at your house?

When was the last time you checked the exact water pressure on your house? Chances are, You’ve never checked the water pressure at your house Or never even thought about it! The water pressure might be high at your house, you reckon it’s great and it is don’t get us wrong. However sometimes the water […]


Do I need to replace the water pipes in my house?

If you’re a homeowner in Auckland, you most likely couldn’t care less about the plumbing system in your house. That is until; something goes wrong. Your home at the very least will have water pipes to all your fixtures such as your kitchen tap or toilet in the bathroom. Your home will also have waste […]


Hydronic Central Heating Service: Common Issues

Central heating is the most effective and efficient way to heat the whole house, so long as it is regularly maintained. Hydronic central heating provides the best quality of heating possible. Hydronic systems work by heating water or glycol that is then piped either under the floor, or through the radiators. These systems typically use […]


Welcome to the New Euro Plumbing Website

After almost a year in development we are proud to announce the launch of the new Euro Plumbing website! Euro Plumbing has always been a leading provider of plumbing services, and we thought it was time our online presence reflected our level of professionalism and commitment to a seamless experience for our customers. Our old […]




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