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Hydronic Central Heating Service: Common Issues

Central heating is the most effective and efficient way to heat the whole house, so long as it is regularly maintained. Hydronic central heating provides the best quality of heating possible. Hydronic systems work by heating water or glycol that is then piped either under the floor, or through the radiators. These systems typically use […]


Welcome to the New Euro Plumbing Website

After almost a year in development we are proud to announce the launch of the new Euro Plumbing website! Euro Plumbing has always been a leading provider of plumbing services, and we thought it was time our online presence reflected our level of professionalism and commitment to a seamless experience for our customers. Our old […]


Solar Service Before Winter

Winter is approaching fast, meaning an increase to heating usage putting strain on your solar heating system. Thousands of Aucklanders rely on solar heating to heat their water, but few keep theirs maintained. Unlike a hot water cylinder, which is easy to replace if broken, solar heating is not. As solar heating systems are exactly […]


Gas Fittings: Uses & Value

Gas is by far one of the most sought after utilities. Gas Fittings provide a home with an extremely cheap source of heating with a multitude of uses. However with the rise of climate change the New Zealand government is planning to scrap new gas connections for new builds and retrofits. Meaning, soon homeowners who […]


Auckland Leaky Water Main Replacement

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is a pipe bursting and causing a leak, but one of the least expected in the water main. People tend to forget that their water comes in from somewhere and this system is not immune to issues. Depending on what material the water main pipe is made from and the severity […]


Master Plumbers Reveal Tap ware the Cause of Lead in New Zealand Drinking Water.

It seems like an issue from decades past; however, Mater Plumbers testing reveals there is still a dangerous amount of lead in New Zealand drinking water. Master Plumbers have had a serious concern for the quality of New Zealand drinking water for a few years now, and now are pushing for serious action to be […]


Call an Auckland Plumber and upgrade to Mains Pressure.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is calling an Auckland Plumber to upgrade your hot water cylinder to mains pressure. If you have ever become frustrated with the trickle that comes out of your shower head, then you may have a low-pressure hot water cylinder. What is mains pressure? Main’s pressure […]


Top Five Reasons Why Consumers Need to Select the Right Commercial Plumbers

Do you need help with your plumbing problems in your business? Are you looking for Commercial Plumbing in Auckland? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Euro Plumbing is here to help you with all your commercial plumbing needs. Before we dive into the amazing services that Euro Plumbing provides, let’s discuss the need […]


Gas Appliance Repairs in Auckland

With gas being one of the cheapest fuel sources in Auckland, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a home without a single gas appliance. You can imagine how much trouble it is when a gas appliance breaks down. Luckily, gas appliance repairs are often much simpler than you think, although it is not something that you […]


How To Calculate For Flow Rate

Knowing how to calculate your household’s volumetric flow rate is quite an important thing you need to know as a homeowner. This is because it helps you conveniently identify what can work best for your existing plumbing requirements without the need for a specialist. For example, if you’re shopping for an instant water heater, knowing […]




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